Carrie Casden

Like all women, Carrie has had to adapt and pivot throughout life’s stages. Carrie started her career in the entertainment industry but acknowledged from a young age how important work-life balance was to her, and so she quickly pivoted. Carrie knew she wanted to have a family, but also desired a job outside the home; so she carved out a career that was rewarding yet flexible. Carrie went on to work at a business management firm where she became fascinated by the relationship between people’s financial lives and their personal lives.Shortly after, Carrie started her own company, Summit Financial Management, where she works with clients and businesses to manage their everyday financial needs – helping them to establish budgets, financial planning systems, and banking relationships.Through her Money Coaching practice, Carrie’s clients are able to understand patterns and behaviors around money; and it’s only at this point that they’re able to make shifts that will point them in the right direction for their financial future. Understanding the relationship with money and the material world is essential, and Carrie helps people see their place in all of it.For more information on Carrie’s work or upcoming events, head to her website, carriecasden.com.