Naomi Davis

Naomi Davis, named a Forbes Top 10 Parenting Influencer, shares happy and helpful stories across her social media channels, on her award-winning website and in her new book, A Coat of Yellow Paint: Moving Through the Noise to Love the Life You Live. What started in 2007 as an online journal about her newlywed life in New York City while a Juilliard dance student, Love Taza has amassed a loyal following, reaching millions around the world. Now, Naomi continues to inspire audiences with vibrant photos, engaging videos, and heartfelt words that document her adventures parenting five young children, traveling near and far, celebrating life’s simple joys, and finding purpose in the everyday. As @taza, Naomi has created and produced dozens of successful branded campaigns for top companies large and small. Fun accomplishments include launching a limited-edition family travel collection at Target stores nationwide and being invited to the White House by Michelle Obama, to discuss the former First Lady’s Let’s Move! initiative. Alongside her husband Josh, Naomi lives in a sort-of-always-messy home with five little cookie monsters that like to sing, dance, read, tell jokes, make toast, or do anything else to delay their bedtimes. Website: www.lovetaza.com Instagram: @taza