Trae Bodge

Trae Bodge is the Smart Shopping Expert at Truetrae.com. She is an accomplished lifestyle journalist and TV commentator with appearances on the Today Show, GMA3, NBC Nightly News, Inside Edition, and many more.She has been named a Top Voice in Retail by LinkedIn and a top personal finance expert by GoBankingRates and FlexJobs. She is a regular contributor at Marketwatch, MSN, and Millie Magazine for Synchrony, and her writing and expert commentary have appeared in Forbes, USNews.com, Kiplinger, Yahoo Finance, and numerous others.Trae is also co-founder of the media coaching firm, One Take, and the cult cosmetic brand, Three Custom Color Specialists.​ She is also a frequent speaker at conferences, on podcasts and IG Lives, addressing such topics as media relations, entrepreneurship, and how to navigate the media landscape as an on-air talent and expert source.She loves delicious food, vintage clothing, beautiful art, rocking music, and new places. She spends her free time with her 15-year old daughter, Sadie Mae, her husband, Chris, the rabbit, Willow, and family and friends.