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10 Women Share Their Top Financial Resolutions for 2021

Rebecca Cohen  |  December 31, 2020

Whether you’re ready for a full financial makeover or just need a few tweaks, the the New Year is a great time for a financial check-in.

Let’s be honest, we’ve been looking forward to 2021 since about March 15, 2020. But as this year inches to a close, the idea turning a new leaf next year in all aspects of life is all the more exciting. As with any New Year, there’s opportunity for growth, change, and renewal… that’s why New Year’s Resolutions exist, right? They help us signal new beginnings, and help us reset our priorities for the coming year. While we may wake up fully motivated on January 1, all bright eyed and bushy tailed, most people won’t be able to stick to their resolutions as the year goes on. (Which is why it’s so important to start small, so you’ll stick with them!) Whether it’s losing weight and eating healthier, or shopping less and saving more, resolutions take a lot of hard work. I headed over to our beloved private HerMoney Facebook Group this week to find out what some of our community members’ new year financial resolutions are, and how they’re planning to stick with them. 

Budgeting And Record-Keeping

“I want to transition to digital record keeping. It is so hard to give up those paper statements!” says Jeanette O. If not now, when?

Kim S. (like the rest of us honestly) wants to actually stick to her budget in the new year. 


Laura B. has a lot to accomplish. She plans to max out her Roth IRA in 2021, take 4 fully-funded vacations (remember those?!), and remain debt free. 

Louise V. is getting intellectual on us. Her resolution? To “read one financial or investment book per month,” she says. (PS: Our CEO has written a few good ones). 

Emergency Funds & Saving More

Lydia D. has two major financial resolutions: Finish funding her 3-month emergency fund and buying a home. Both huge, both amazing. 

Alison B. says “my financial goal is to figure out what my financial goal should be! I do lots of saving/investing/etc but not for any particular reason outside of retirement.” We love the honesty and wish her well on this journey! 

Giving Back & Paying It Forward 

Allie S. has a list all planned out. She wants to donate 10% of her take home pay to charities she cares about, max out her Roth IRA, pay off her car loan early, and save for a down payment on a new home. We love hearing all that!  You got this! 

Theresa R. is all about paying it forward. “I want to teach my children the joys and horrors of the stock market so they learn it young instead of in their 50s like me,” she says. (While they may not absorb everything now, they will totally appreciate the effort in the future!) 

Standing In Place 

Rosemary W.’s biggest resolution is to not change a single thing, which is a perfectly reasonable goal to have! She wants to remain debt free, hold out 6 more months before collecting Social Security when she turns 70, and stay on budget. 

And finally, Marylee B. is channeling all of our energy in the final moments of 2020. “My Amazon card is going into the freezer,” she says. “No more purchases other than food for next few months.” I, too, need to lay off the online shopping. Love this method. 

Financial resolutions come in all shapes and sizes. No matter what you choose to do to revamp your financial life in 2021, we love it and support it and will be here cheering for you to keep it up all year long. Follow along with our January 2021 content to learn more about how you can start over — or continue your great work — financially in the New Year! 


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