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HerMoney Podcast: For Women Who Do Too Much (Like You!) (Episode 161)

Kelly Hultgren  |  May 15, 2019

Do you have a degree in anticipating other people’s needs before your own?

Does your brain house the master to-do list for not just you, but for your entire family? Don your crown. You’re a queen of emotional labor — the unpaid and often unnoticed work that many women do to keep their loved ones happy. This week’s guest, Gemma Hartley, made the concept a worldwide conversation with her viral article, “Women Aren’t Nags; We’re Just Fed Up.” In this episode, she shares her story, the deets on her book and helpful tips for how to (really) cut back. In Mailbag, we answer your questions on how to invest in Roth IRAs, prioritize saving versus investing, plus the dos and don’ts for downsizing. And, in Thrive, HerMoney editor in chief Kathryn Tuggle (woot!) joins us to discuss best practices for using your professional networks to land your next job.

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