5 Women On Their Favorite Affordable Stocking Stuffers For 2020

Rebecca Cohen  |  December 15, 2020

Lavish holiday gifts are unattainable for many this year, but these affordable stocking stuffers are sure to bring a smile come Christmas. 

Okay ladies, we’re officially in holiday shopping crunch time. I’m looking at all of you who haven’t gotten gifts yet and are scrambling to put together some presents that are under-the-tree-worthy. 

I know it’s hard this year. The emotional rut that has been 2020 has stunted my gift-giving inspiration, making it impossible to find what I consider to be the “perfect” gifts for my friends and family. Plus, the economic fallout due to the pandemic has made it even so much more difficult for many of us to shop the way we would be in a typical December.   

Bottom line: If holiday shopping is giving you pause, you’re not alone. 

So that’s why I mustered up the courage to reach out to some of my favorite ladies — yes, I am talking about our oh-so-lovely private HerMoney Facebook group — to gather ideas for the holidays. I wasn’t looking for anything big… In fact, to stay within (or even under!) budget, stocking stuffers are actually the best way to go. These little trinkets have the ability to show those you love just how much you love them without  breaking the bank. 

Kim S. says she’s keeping it classic (and warm!)…  Yep, hung in her stockings (with care) are actually  traditional woolen socks for her loved ones. Each person was gifted a different pair with a saying or image that suited them best. And let’s be honest, socks (or any other form of loungewear) is such a welcome gift this year. 

Christine S. says she mixes the practical with the fun. She throws in toothbrushes, lip balm, and tissues for her recipients, but also adds fun surprises from Etsy that she finds, like stickers, a nice money clip, a hair accessory, or earrings. 

Tina A. keeps it real and opts for things her family needs, like toiletries, bath bombs and other “usable” items. Every year, her kids love it! 

Tina S. (AHEM, just like the rest of us) says she always forgets about stocking stuffers until the last minute. To save money, she finds unused items, books and trinkets she may already have around the house, that she knows her family and friends might love. It’s pretty amazing how an easy re-gift, or the gift of a gently-used token of your love can make recipients so happy. 

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Though I do not personally celebrate Christmas, my favorite “stocking stuffer” of choice this year is Baggu reusable bags. These massive shopping bags are fashionable, affordable, and (for all you city-dwellers) make the walk home from Trader Joe’s all the more comfortable. Plus, they’re good for the environment. I also will be gifting candles (who doesn’t need a new scent for their home office?) and Glossier Balm “Dot Com” (my lip balm of choice this winter) to those in my life. 

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