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Affordable Father’s Day Gifts For $100 Or Less

Aly Walansky  |  May 31, 2022

Dads. What on earth do we buy for them? And how can we get a deal? We break it all down with our special 2022 Father's Day Gift Guide.

Dads are generally pretty hard to shop for. They either don’t want anything, insist they already have everything, or won’t tell you what they do want.

But getting them a coffee mug or necktie can feel pretty boring year after year, and we really want to get our dads a gift that they will know is from the heart, that they’ll actually use and appreciate. They absolutely do not want us to spend too much money on them, so the secret is to get them a gift that is affordable but that also speaks to their interests, talents, or passions.

Whether that involves them relaxing at home, cooking, or participating in their favorite form of exercise, there’s a great gift out there for them. And we’ve founded them all up for you here. 

Glasshouse Fragrances’ Arabian Nights Candle

This candle is perfect for the dad who has everything – or for one who would never spoil themselves with a fine fragrance for his office or man cave. This is a hearty and spicy scent, rich with saffron and woody leather accents. He’ll feel special no matter where he goes and what he does while wearing it., $50.00 

Angel’s Envy

Dad works hard, he deserves to relax with some quality bourbon at the end of a hard day. Angel’s Envy is a deliciously smooth and refined bourbon that hails from Kentucky.  With notes of caramel, toffee, and maple syrup, this is a really special spirit with nuanced flavor that he’ll enjoy on the rocks or in a cocktail., $49.99

The Spice House’s Best Sellers Deluxe Collection

Home cooks are always seeking the best spices and seasonings in order to give their dishes as much flavor as possible. This collection will be perfect for everything from their steaks to their baked goods, with seasonings that include Back of the Yards Garlic Pepper Butcher’s Rub, Vulcan’s Fire Salt, Lake Shore Drive Shallot & Herb Seasoning, Gateway to the North Maple Garlic Seasoning, Saigon Ground Cassia Cinnamon, Tellicherry Peppercorns, Granulated Garlic, and Hungarian Sweet Paprika., $72.00

Buster + Punch Brass Cufflinks

A good pair of cufflinks is a timeless gift, and Buster + Punch’s cufflinks are the perfect way to make a statement. WIth options made from solid brass, stainless steel, or matte black anodised metal with a diamond cut, cross knurl pattern, these are sure to make him feel modern and full of style., $62.00

Leatherman Curl Multitool

The Leatherman Curl is perfect for dads that appreciate a good DIY project. It has 15 different tools that can help him with everything from assembling  furniture, fixing leaky faucets, installing new hardware to your cabinets or drawers, and of course, cracking open a cold beer once you’ve made it through your to-do list.  Is this a gift that benefits you too? Obviously. But that’s what family  is all about!, $89.95

Soul Journey Jewelry Tranquil Bracelet 

This is a great Father’s Day gift for any man in your life that can really use a bit more time to relax and unwind. This gemstone bracelet contains threads of golden amber calligraphers’ jaspers mixed with brown, all meant to help with capturing that tranquility. This is a thoughtful gift he didn’t think he needed but is sure to love., $46.00

Link to shop: Here

 M.M.LaFleur Passport Holder

Is he going on a trip soon, or are you trying to hint at your next vacation? This stylish passport holder from M.M.LaFleur is the perfect upgrade this Father’s Day, whether for your dad or any other man in your life., $55

Holy Grail Steak Co.’s Burger Lab Subscription 

If he loves burgers, he’ll love this gift. For just $99 every 3 months, burger-loving dads will be provided two different types of burgers to sample for a total of 12 frozen burger patties, along with recipe cards.. The burger varieties that come with a subscription include Wagyu Beef Burgers, Carrot-Fed Burgers, Wagyu Brisket/Short Rib Blend, Seasoned 50/50 American Wagyu/Kurobuta Pork, Mangalitsa Pork, 50/50 American Wagyu Kurobuta Pork, and more., $99.00 every 3 months

The Nettie Pickleball Set – Double Pack

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America, so who better to volley with than your dad? This is a fun way to spend time together but also relish in that competitiveness that only families can bring out (for better or worse). The family sets are $269.99, and come with four paddles, four balls and four sweatbands, but there’s also doubles sets that have two balls, two paddles and two sweatbands at $139.99., $139.99

ArtSugar Larry David Mini 5 x 7″ Framed Print 

If your dad is really into comedy, he’ll love this hilarious print of celebrated comedy favorite, Larry David. This print was inspired by the Smiley Face episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm and will look great on a desk or nightstand. Plus, ArtSugar donates proceeds from every purchase to a selection of notable charities, so Dad will feel good about this philanthropic present., $60

Purifico The Big Picture Combo Bundle

If he’s trying to be kinder to the planet or just waste less, these refillable dispensers will change how he showers (and his life in general!).  This bundle will take him everywhere from handwashing to showering to travel, and eliminate his need for single use containers – thereby improving life for everyone involved (including him!), $60


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