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Push Presents That Are Actually Worth Spending Money On

Sarah Pierce  |  May 14, 2024

What’s a push present? If you’re about to be a new mom, here are the ones worth asking for. 

If you’re about to have a baby, you’ve undoubtedly gotten a nursery’s worth of gifts to welcome and care for your little one. But what about you, the new mom, who could use some pampering herself? Enter the “push present,” a gift for new mothers that acknowledges their months of hard work carrying–and delivering–the family’s new addition. 

While many moms will say their bundle of joy is gift enough, the push-present trend has taken off in recent years. “At What to Expect, moms are frequently checking in with each other to ask about push presents,” says Robin Hilmantel, Senior Director of Editorial Strategy and Growth at What to Expect. “A lot of moms have expressed that they don’t want a gift and would opt for some nice food. Others have shared that they would rather have a babymoon. The gift itself can range from the most practical investment like a new washer and dryer, to asking for a tattoo sleeve or piece of jewelry.”

If you’re a budget-conscious mom-to-be, you might not be crazy about the idea of your partner spending money on a push present when you’re already spending so much on the baby. (From diapers to baby gear, children are incredibly expensive!) That said, there are gifts that are actually worth it, including those that will make your life easier post-baby, and provide new moms with the something special they deserve. 

A Trip To The Spa

One of the best presents I received at my baby shower was a gift card for a massage post-baby. After taking care of a newborn around the clock, a little me-time and some pampering was just what the doctor ordered. 

A New Coffee Machine

If there’s one thing new parents need, it’s coffee. Martina Garvey, E-Commerce Editor at The Bump says one of the more popular push presents she’s seen moms asking for are high-end coffee machines. The Bonavita Enthusiast 8-Cup Coffee Brewer is one of the highest-rated and promises to mimic artisan pour-overs. The best part? It’s priced at just around $200. 

A Tree

One of the more unique push-present picks has families going green. “Another option could be to plant a tree in your backyard that will grow with your blossoming family,” Garvey shares. When it comes to tree types, many parents opt for a sapling and then take their child’s photo next to it every year to see how much both have grown. How sweet!

A Babymoon

A babymoon–or in other words, a trip for parents to be before the little one arrives–can be the perfect push present. My husband and I decided to use our travel credit card rewards that were set to expire on a trip to Hawaii before we welcomed our daughter. We had enough saved up to cover four nights at the world-famous Royal Hawaiian Resort ($400+ a night) and three nights at the Grand Wailea ($700+ a night). We only had to cover airfare, meals and Mai Tais (virgin for me, of course!). 

A Piece Of Jewelry

“Jewelry is by far the most popular gift to give a new mom,” says Leah Rocketto Associate Commerce Director of What to Expect “A piece of jewelry can be easily customized to fit the recipient’s style and to add a little more meaning to the gift. Not to mention, it’s easy to find something for any and every budget.”

Rocketto is a big fan of Tiny Tags’ collection of jewelry, which starts at around $75. “Particularly the engraved heart necklace. I have one with my daughter’s initials engraved on it and I’ve never taken it off.”

New Pajamas 

Yes, jewelry is nice, but comfort is key in the postpartum period, as any mom knows. “A set of luxurious pajamas and a matching robe is a wonderful push present,” says Garvey. “After all, she’ll likely be living in PJs and loungewear for the first few weeks post-birth.”

After having my daughter, these pajamas from J. Crew  ($59–but oftentimes you can find them for less!) were basically my uniform. They’re relatively inexpensive as far as nice pajamas go, super soft, can be monogrammed and the button front is perfect for nursing moms. 

A Robotic Vacuum

When my husband asked me what I wanted for a push present, I first told him I didn’t want anything. When he wouldn’t take that for an answer, I settled on something practical–a robotic vacuum (don’t laugh). We opted for the Roomba Combo i5+, which is a vacuum and mop in one. One of the best features is that it’s controlled via an app. For example, I can be at the grocery store and with a couple of clicks, send it out to vacuum the house. There’s nothing like multitasking, especially when you’re a mom!


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