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The Most Popular Gifts For The 2020 Holiday Season 

Lindsay Tigar  |  October 29, 2020

New tie? Not so much. Massage? No way I’m sticking my head in that hole ‘till 2021. So, what to gift this year? HerMoney has got you covered. 

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year, one thing’s for certain: 2020 has been nothing like we expected when we were toasting with our New Year’s Eve champagne last year. 

This holiday season is going to be much different than in years past — many of us may not be traveling to see our loved ones, we may be scaling back on gift-giving, or even foregoing presents altogether due to the financial constraints that unemployed loved ones may be facing. If we are gift-giving, the presents may look completely different than in years past. The gift of a nice vacation or perhaps some frequent flyer miles is out. And in many states, a nice relaxing spa day is also off the table. (And does anyone really want to have to wear a mask in a sauna?) Or there’s that nice piece of luggage or professional suit you were eyeing for your bestie, which are still lovely, but will they really get any use for the next couple of years? 

All of this got us to asking: What will fill our stockings, end up nestled under the tree, or be given on the many nights of Hanukkah? Here’s a sneak peek. 

Gifts for the home

It was inevitable: with so much time spent under the same roof and surrounded by those familiar four walls; it’s easy to spot areas for improvement. Since social-distancing and quarantine measures are still largely in place,Vic Drabicky, founder of January Digital, says the boom for fixing up our homes (or apartments) is only going to continue. “People will continue to see every little crack, chip in the paint, and outdated furniture, so they will keep investing in making their space and their home more comfortable and more complete,” he explains.

If you’re buying gifts for friends or family who seem to have become the new Chip and Joanna Gaines since lockdown began, consider asking them what they need to continue their remodeling and updating mission. Whether that’s household fixtures, decorative items, or even a new fridge (your whole crew can chip in!) Sara Skirboll, RetailMeNot’s shopping and trend expert, says home goods will be a top contender. 

Gifts for self-care 

Randy Browning, president of Night Market, has kept a pulse on the shopping trends throughout 2020, and he says one of the most prominent will be in the self-care world. Although not everyone has felt like they’ve had more time this year (we see you, SAHMs)  many people have taken time to think about their skincare routine. Or get into meditation. Or yoga. Or actually give themselves an hour to take a cozy bath and detox from the world. Because of this, Browning predicts many holiday gifts to cater to this ‘give yourself a break’ mentality, including nail polishes, face and hair masks, and more. (Editor’s note: Lush. We. Love. Lush. So. Much.) 

Gifts for the home chef

If you ask Jeanniey Walden, chief innovation and marketing officer for DailyPay, the new national pastime is cooking and mixing drinks. In fact, for families, she says cooking has evolved into a whole new experience where everyone teams together to try a unique or different recipe. Many couples stuck at home have also followed suit, with food and drinks — and perhaps, even developed a signature quarantine cocktail — quarantini, anyone? “From cookbooks to stainless steel frying pans to food processors, kitchenware will be a hot item this season,” she predicts. You might also consider wine subscription services, as well as upgrades to gear you already own since you’ve now discovered new passions.

Gifts for entertainment

Working parents have not only been tasked with keeping their children alive and in school,they’ve also been logging more professional hours from home. Single people stuck with endless alone time are not only feeling a little stressed, they’re likely also a little bored and lonely. This year, Skirboll says any type of entertainment gift is bound to win everyone over. Whether it’s toys, electronics, video game consoles, a new TV, games or puzzles, think about what can hold your attention for hours — and then wrap it up for your besties. 

Gifts for the home gym 

Walden says even though gyms have opened up in many states, many have caught the online training bug. For those who have discovered they can work up the same sweat — if not better — from the comfort of their living room, backyard or patio, they may want to influence their friends to join them, virtually. This means gifts like a month of Peloton classes, or DailyBurn will be very popular, as well as exercise mats, resistance bands, and anything else you can think of for home workouts. 

Gifts for when we can gather

We’re all starved for interaction right now, Drabicky, says. And our need for human connection will only increase as the temperature drops and the holiday season nears. This will prompt us to make optimistic plans for the year to come. “As consumers continue to be optimistic about a COVID vaccine in early 2021, giving gifts that encourage people to have group experiences— camping trips, private dining experiences, and so forth—will be much more meaningful than an ugly old tie,” he says. 

Gifts for the green thumb

Last but not least, Walden predicts gardening gifts to be in high demand this holiday season. The pandemic’s stay-at-home orders meant many people began nurturing their green thumb by way of a garden or other small plot of land they tended, growing things like herbs, tomatoes, or even just flowers. Many Americans found that plants added more life and positivity to their living space, and now they want to share that cheer with the people they love. Think: potted indoor plants, gardening tool sets — and yes, even that brand new lawnmower. 


Yes, this is the season for giving but you don’t have to overspend to spread the love!

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