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Happy Anniversary to HerMoney, and a Big Thanks to You!

Dayana Yochim  |  September 21, 2020

Our mission from the start has been to help level the playing field for financial security, confidence and power. Join us for a scroll down memory lane.

Happy anniversary … to us! We hope it’s not too gauche to take up a little virtual space today to celebrate an accomplishment that fills us with warmth, gratitude and pride. 

Two years ago on this date in September, we launched to be a judgement-free zone for women about all things financial. Our commitment from the start was to provide women with quality, curated, lingo-free financial information and guidance written for women, by women. We’re focused on changing our relationships with money… one woman at a time.

We know that’s a pretty tall order, but it’s an important one to strive for given the unique financial challenges women face. — with its daily content, newsletters and podcasts — is the result. 

Since the start we’ve been inspired by our mission — but even more so by the smart, savvy women like you who show up for us every single day. Your stories, your questions, your triumphs, challenges and the support you give each other is the heartbeat of HerMoney. With you by our side, we look forward to making that beat even stronger over the next two years, the two years after that and so on and so forth, forevermore. 

Here are some of our favorite HerMoney highlights from the past two years. Join us in our private Facebook group so we can raise a glass together! 

Girl Woman Power!

We strongly believe in the power of paying it forward, especially when it comes to lessons gleaned from experience. Here are a few of our favorites on the topic:

The Best Financial Advice I Wish I Could Give My 22-Year-Old Self

The money-savvy women in the HerMoney Facebook group weighed in on the money guidance they wish they could give their younger selves. Here’s a look at some of our favorites.

5 Major U.S. Laws All Women Should Know

These five landmark decisions changed the course of history for women by shaping women’s rights for the better. Here’s why they still matter today.

9 Things We Need to Talk to Young Women About On Women’s Equality Day

Women’s equality and women’s smarts go hand in hand. Building the confidence to manage your financial affairs can help girls grow up to be strong women. (Also: Nothing beats hands-on experience. Here’s how to help your daughter become a bona-fide investor.)

Compelling conversations that taught us something new 

In the past two years, dozens of phenomenal guests have joined us in the studio for the HerMoney Podcast. Here’s a sampling of episodes made popular by you, our loyal listeners: 

Mitch Albom On Love, Loss And Giving Back

Mitch Albom sits down with Jean Chatzky to dish on real love and the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

Living Childfree and Making Empowered Decisions Around Motherhood

More women than ever are choosing the childfree life. We dove into what their decisions mean for their lives and finances.

Finding Life’s True Riches with Rabbi Steve Leder

How can we live authentic (and still rich) lives in the Instagram, instant-gratification world we live in now?

Having “Enough” with “Your Money Or Your Life” Author Vicki Robin

What does it really mean to have “enough”? The original FIRE starter talks about finding balance.

And here’s one episode with practical takeaways that we think deserves a second listen (or a first if you haven’t heard it yet): Invest Like a Woman 

Dealing with a global pandemic and uncertainty

More than one quarter of’s life has been lived during a pandemic. As a result, we’ve devoted a lot of virtual ink to issues related to the fallout we’ve experienced from the coronavirus. Here are just a few of our favorites:

5 Lessons COVID-19 Has Taught Us About Resilience

It’s been a rough few months, but every cloud has a silver lining. Here’s a look at a few positive takeaways, in the form of COVID-19 lessons in resilience.

6 Things We Predict Will Never Go Back to “Normal” After Coronavirus

Business, travel, daycare and more. What will the “new normal” look like when all this is over? Here’s what industry experts and forecasters have to say.

The She-cession Has Begun: What To Do If You’re Worried About a Layoff

Job insecurity is the new norm. Here’s how to deal with the emotional, financial and professional pressures if layoffs are on the table.

How to Overcome Pandemic Parenting Guilt

Despite being virus-free, I still suffer from a persistent COVID-19 symptom: parenting guilt. Here’s an overview of the symptoms and treatments.

9 Essential Items to Get Your Family Through Quarantine

Safe, sane, entertained, healthy and happy — these are the must-have quarantine items for families under stay-at-home orders during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The financial hurt so many people are feeling adds yet another layer of fear and worry. We’ll continue to dive into what the stock market’s gyrations mean to you — and what moves you should make. (TL;DR: As few as possible, if you can avoid it.) We put crashes and dips in perspective, teased out the difference between “the stock market” and “the economy” and talked about how to deal with a market dip if you’re about to retire.  

The costs of inequality and how to step up for others  

The ongoing crisis of social injustice was reignited in May as millions took to the streets in support of Black Lives Matter. The movement and marches continue, as does our support. In Jean’s letter to readers she talked about what we can do to show up for our community — to listen, reflect, learn and donate. Some of our other coverage included: 

By the Numbers: How Black Women Are Really Doing Financially

All women face an uphill battle for equality. But Black women have a ways to go to catch up to white women, let alone white men.

Ally, Advocate, Mentor, Sponsor – How to Be One, How to Get One, and Why You Should

Having an ally, advocate, mentor or sponsor in the workplace could make or break a woman’s career. Here’s how you can make those relationships work.

Being LGBTQ+ In America

Bias and lack of protections create a cascade of financial strikes for sexual minorities. These 12 numbers show the state of LGBTQ economic inequality in the U.S. (Plus LGBTQ+ resources for help, support, info and allyship.)

What White Women Can Do to Be Allies For Women of Color

We sat down with two incredible women of color to talk through concrete action steps for doing better and being better.

The Less White Your Neighborhood, the More You’ll Pay for Car Insurance

Minority communities across the country pay as much as $891 more per year on car insurance premiums simply due to their ZIP code. 

Putting some rumors to rest

TL;DR: We’re so glad you asked! 

Does the Fed Rate Cut Mean I Can Get a 0% Mortgage? 

Mortgage rates have fallen substantially and refinancing a mortgage is the single-biggest way most households can benefit from lower rates. Unfortunately, there’s a limit to how low rates go for individuals.

Does it pay more to be unemployed than to have a job?

Many out-of-work Americans are eligible for a 150% bump in weekly unemployment benefits. It’s not as good of a deal as you think.

Reader’s choice reads

Social media breathes life into our work by turning the words we post on a web page into a two-way conversation. It’s also a voting machine. And through your likes you told us these were some of the articles that caught your eye.

5 Things to Take From the FIRE Movement (Even If You Don’t Want to Retire Early)

Jean wrote about the misconceptions about what you have to do to be part of the “Financial Independence, Retire Early” movement — and some key things that can help everyone, even if early retirement is about the last thing on your mind.

How To Ensure Your Retirement Savings Last As Long As You Do

Lifetime income can help boost your financial confidence, a new survey finds.

Watch Out for These 3 401(k) Rule Changes

While you weren’t looking, the DOL proposed some 401(k) rule changes that could expose you to more risk and deny access to certain investments.

The Biggest Financial Mistakes Women Make In Their 20s, 30s and 40s

From budget busters (too much house) to savings missteps (not having an emergency fund), here are the money missteps to avoid at every age

How-tos to help you get it done

We’ve been building up our library of how-tos and explainers on the topics we all need to get done, including establishing an emergency fund, choosing the best accounts for your savings and retirement money (here are six types of IRAs you need to know about) and what to invest in for the long term. Several others to help guide you through important money decisions:

5 Must-Dos to Put On Your Estate Planning Checklist

In case your partner or spouse dies, make sure to review this estate-planning checklist and get your paperwork house in order.

How to Use an HSA to Boost Your Retirement Savings

With rising healthcare costs and retirement savings uncertainty, a Health Savings Account (HSA) could save your retirement. Here are 5 HSA rules to know.

Your Portfolio Is Out of Whack. Here’s How to Rebalance It

It doesn’t take a dramatic stock market event to throw your portfolio out of whack. Over time assets normally drift. Here’s how to bring the mix of assets back to the intended state.

If a Recession Comes, Here’s How to Manage

It’s hard to ignore the rumblings beneath the stock market floor. Jean Chatzky answers some of your most frequently asked questions about an impending recession.

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