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The Best Self Care Gifts That Will Actually Help You Reach Your Goals

Lindsay Tigar  |  February 11, 2021

When it’s time to treat yourself, look to these self care gifts for brightening your spirit and making your life easier. You deserve it.

Maybe you’re rockin’ the single life, enjoying the freedom of tending only to your own needs. Or perhaps you’re a new parent, and the only thing you really want is a nap… Or, you’re in a bazillion other life stages, entering retirement, going through a divorce, or planning a wedding. No matter what your status this Valentine’s Day, there’s only one person we absolutely recommend shopping for this year, because she deserves an incredible self care gift — YOU.

And sure, a box of chocolates that you devour in one sitting (or at least take one bite out of all) or a dozen roses will brighten your day, but purchasing something that can help you meet your life goals — while also providing you with the self care gifts you definitely need — is even sweeter. We put together this list of some of our favorite self care gifts so the next time you’re looking to treat yo’ self you can reach for the kind of gift that keeps on giving.

If your goal is:

… To meal prep each week.

If you’re looking to clean up your diet, lose a few pounds or tone up a bit, it’s essential to do all that you can to set yourself up for success. If your fridge is full of junk food, or it’s empty, putting together a healthy lunch option in between back-to-back Zoom meetings is impossible. However, when you commit to meal prepping every week, you can simply pull out one of your pre-prepped (and healthy! And affordable!) meals, enjoy, and know you’re well on your way to making progress. We love this meal planner notepad that makes the process easy and fun.

Try this: Rifle Paper Co. Weekly Meal Planner, $15

… To slow down.

Self-care equates to self-love, and sometimes that means taking a break from your action-packed schedule and treating yourself to a much needed self care gift. By disconnecting from your inbox and removing yourself from never-ending social media feeds, you allow your body and mind a chance to relax and recharge. Whether you take a long, indulgent bath with scrubs, oils and botanicals, or stick to your moisturizing routine, these products will help you unwind and slow down, stat.

Try these: 100% PURE Island Coconut Duo, $40

Kora Organics Turmeric Brightening Exfoliating Mask; $48

Moonbath Full-Moon Tea, $20

… To keep the bedroom organized.

Those throw pillows really pulled your bedroom decor together, but if you don’t take the time to pile these beauties neatly every evening, they can actually just make your bedroom feel cluttered and messy. Likewise, if your clothes are continually draped everywhere rather than being hung, it’s a recipe for having the kind of space that creates more stress than it does relaxation. Make your promises to tidy up come true with this cute storage bench.

Try this: Otto Ben Storage Ottaman, $49

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… To get more steps (and make them count!)

While 10,000 steps — or five miles — has always been a great goal for daily movement, it’s a challenging feat when we’re on lockdown. If you’re looking to make your daily walks have a greater impact (even if you’re just making trips to and from the kitchen) check out the bala weighted bangles that all influencers seem to be raving about. Yes, they only weigh one pound, but when wrapped around your ankles, they can make a huge difference in how much fat you burn and muscles you build. Try a fun color to spice up your sweatpant wardrobe.

Try this: bala weighted bangles, 1 lb, $55

… To make your office more welcoming.

Since most folks who were forced into remote work life last year will  still be working remotely through the spring, you may feel the need to make your office (or the corner of your kitchen table) more inviting. Small touches can go a long way toward separating your work and personal life. For instance, a small diffuser like this one allows you to pick the most cheerful, productivity-inspiring scent to carry you through Zoom meetings and presentations aplenty. The cute stone style inspires us to give this diffuser an “A” for form and function. These gifts to yourself will feel like productivity and self care at the same time. 

Try this: Vitruvi Stone Diffuser; $119

… To get better sleep.

Though many focus on making better food choices and getting frequent exercise to improve their health, sleep is so important when it comes to staying healthy and being on our A-Game. When our bodies don’t get the hours of rest they need to recharge, they can’t heal or improve. That’s why this wake-up light could be a positive investment in self-care. It uses light to help wind your body down at bedtime, and then again to wake you up (gently!) in the morning. The goal is that your body is eased into a more natural rest, you get a better quality sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed. As a bonus, their SleepMapper app allows you to personalize your experience and track your habits. 

Try this: Philips SmartSleep Sleep and Connected Wake-Up Light, $200

… To get more veggies in your diet.

Not everyone looks forward to a piled-high plate of green vegetables or Instagrams their kale salad. We feel ya. But vegetables carry so many of the essential vitamins and nutrients we need to ensure we’re staying healthy, and doing right by our immune and digestive systems. To reach your goals for veggie intake, consider juicing your goodies or taking a daily supplement in pill form. Your body will thank you!

Try this: Hurom HP Slow Juicer, $299

MegaFood Women’s One Daily, $37

  To start using — and believing — affirmations.

You’ve probably heard about affirmations, but there’s so much more to it than Stuart Smalley’s “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.”  When’s the last time (if ever?) that you stood in front of your mirror and recited them? While you may feel silly at first, believing in yourself takes practice, and speaking powerful statements out loud is a mega confidence booster. Seriously. Once you figure out a mantra that resonates with you — the one that really makes you feel 10 feet tall, bulletproof, confident and ready to take on the world, consider having it glass printed and place it where you can see it every day. It’ll serve as the little nudge you need to keep with the practice.

Try it: Fracture Glass Print; starting at $17

… To feel somewhat put together again.

Raise your hand if you don’t remember the last time you put on makeup. Or styled your hair. Or wore the kind of outfit that makes you feel empowered when you walk into any room. When it’s cold out and you’re on lockdown, those daily tasks don’t seem as necessary anymore, because, frankly, they aren’t. But if part of your goal this year was to get into a routine that can help you stay motivated and productive, then maybe it’s time to start incorporating some more styling into your day-to-day. This makeup palette is perfect for the novice — it explains step-by-step where to apply each color, so you can finish your face fast and without wondering if you look great. (You always do!)

Try this: Flirty Flekk Eyeshadow Palette and 4-piece brush set, $50

  To finally incorporate a regular yoga practice.

Your mom raves about it, your best friend is always sending you links to virtual classes, and even your partner (gently) suggested you could use a dose of zen. If you’ve been curious about yoga but resistant to committing to a regular practice, investing in a new mat could help you stay focused. You can start with five minutes a day and work yourself up to an hour class (many of which are free on YouTube) over the course of the next year. 

Try this: Manduka eKO Lite Yoga Mat, $78

… To drink less often.

A perfectly-crafted cocktail or a soothing, warm glass of red wine can turn a stressful day a calm one. But, everything in moderation, right?  Enter this delicious non-alcoholic alternative. It has the same taste as tequila, but without the buzz — and ahem, calories or hangover.

Try this: Ritual Tequila Alternative, $27

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