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12 Mother’s Day Gifts Under $100

Aly Walansky  |  April 27, 2022

Gifts that will help mom have a better day, every day.

Our mothers have always been there for us, putting our health and happiness and well-being ahead of everything else, including their own. This has perhaps never been more true than the last few years, as mothers across the world were forced to adapt their careers to a work-from-home lifestyle, and in an instant become at-home teachers for their children as well.

We want to show gratitude and appreciation (and love!) to our moms every single day, but this year Mother’s Day seems particularly special — it’s the one time a year that they get the recognition they deserve, which also makes it the perfect time to give a gift that will make your mom feel good and improve her daily life and well-being. Of course as much as we want to celebrate our moms, we also know that budgets are tight, which is why we put together a list of affordable gifts, all under $100, that will still be oh-so impressive, for the most impressive lady of all.

Sijo Eucalyptus Down Alternative Pillow

Nothing makes a person feel relaxed and refreshed in the morning like a good night’s sleep. The right pillow can go a long way with that, this eucalyptus down alternative pillow is cooling, light-weight, fluffy, and sustainably made – because when moms sleep well, they have a better day, every time!, $60.00

XIO By Ylette Moon Card Necklace

Many believe there’s a lunar connection to the female existence (and not just about that time of the month!). This moon card necklace is related to the spiritual side of that, and is about connecting intention to intuition, so as to be able to not only nurture others, but herself., $55.00

RPZL Polisher Brush 

The right hair brush can be a relaxing and soothing experience but also give her hair the special care and treatment it deserves to look its best. That’s several ways to improve her every day, all at once. This lightweight hair brush has a soft-touch handle and soothing cushioned bristles, for tons of shine and luster, and also longer lasting hair styles (i.e. precious time saved every day)., $40.00

ZPots Gratitude Poem Tea Bowl

We want to show our mom some gratitude every day and this handmade Gratitude Poem Tea Bowl is a really sweet way to go about it.  Hand inscribed on this traditional style tea bowl is “Gratitude for the ground … beneath my feet … you hold me … support my every step … I grow from you … the sky … my breath … the air held high … the heaven within … I feel Gratitude … for the ups and downs … arounds … Gratitude I believe in you … your power and might …”  Great for tea, soup, cereal, ice cream, whatever Mom chooses., $58.00

The Qi  Trio Petite Flower Tea Set

Flowering teas were very on trend during the pandemic, as a beautiful way to decompress. There’s never a bad time for mom to give herself some time to relax and restore over a steaming cup of tea that also happens to be pretty. Here’s another reason to feel good about this gift: The brand is donating 10% of sales to HerJustice (a local non profit helping women and children to fight against domestic violence)., $52.00

Abbott Lyon Signature Name Necklace in Rose Gold

Being your mom is her crowning glory, and that means that a symbol of that she can wear every day would be her most treasured gift. This necklace can be customized with up to 12 characters and comes in your choice of metal colors, meaning you can create a personal look she can wear every day that is undeniably uniquely her own., $92.00

CHI Volumizer 4-IN-1 Blowout Brush with Beauty Bag

Saving time in the morning is a way to make her routine easier and more satisfying. The blowout brush trend has been a great way to save tons of time on getting ready for the day, and this 4-in-1 brush takes it to the next level by minimizing frizz, cutting down drying time, while making a shiny blowout with lots of volume. This gift is like giving her a bunch of blowouts, except she doesn’t have to leave home., $79.99

Lorex 4K Pan-Tilt Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera

Sometimes, a gift that helps out our moms will also help us out, in that we don’t have to worry about them as much. This indoor security camera can keep an eye on their home and valuables whether or not they happen to be inside it, and offers night vision, two-way audio, and voice control. Thanks to the app control, she can notice motion detection even if she’s away from home, which gives her, as well as those who love her, complete peace of mind., $69.99

Ostrichpillow Heated Neck Wrap 

Whether it’s a rough day at the office or a lot going on at home, the gift of relaxation at night can help her recoup for the next day. This heated neck wrap is also freezable, and works as a sort of blanket for the neck and shoulders. Melt that tension and relieve those knots, in a way that feels like a visit to the spa., $45.00

The Confident Mom – Daily Affirmation and Encouragement Cards for Moms

Being a mom is a really tough job, and it is a job that they will have for the rest of their lives. Even someone who has been a mom for decades needs some encouragement sometimes to get through an especially trying time. This daily affirmation card deck can be just that for them. It is focused on supporting mothers who need encouragement, and being a simple, accessible source of strength and confidence –  it may  be just what they need right now., $25.00

Goddess Garden Serenity Aromatherapy Bracelet

There’s always going to be a time that mom, like anyone else, is in need of some serenity or a mood boost. This aromatherapy bracelet paired with essential can help her to get some inner peace, improve her mood, and balance emotions. It’ll give her a better Mother’s Day, but also a better every day thanks to the grounding lava stones with blue jasper and turquoise.,  Bracelet $14.99, essential oil $9.99

KANDOONA Bath Pillow

There’s few things more soothing at the end of a long day than a really luxurious bath, and this bath pillow will upgrade the experience for her in a big way. This bath pillow has ergonomic neck support, so she can relax in the bath with a book or a glass of wine and all the time keep comfortable. There’s even extra-strong suction cups to ensure the pillow doesn’t slip., $29.99


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