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A Dozen Side Gig Ideas Sure To Boost Your Monthly Budget

Emily Moynihan Kasper  |  October 26, 2018

“But where will we to find the money?" Take it from me. This mom has a dozen side hustle ideas sure to boost any budget.

You’re sitting at your monthly(-ish) budget review, looking at totals and spending with a smile.  You’re proud of what you’ve accomplished and the totals are adding up beautifully, but there just isn’t room to squeeze anywhere.  

It’s easy to look at our budgets as mainly (or only) flexible on the “spending” side, and it’s even easier to forget that taking on an additional revenue stream doesn’t mean taking on another full-time job.  

While often there are cuts we can make in one category to fund another, sometimes what is really needed to bring these bucket list goals to life is a side hustle.  

Want to give your kids piano lessons? Need seed money for a business idea you’d like to launch? Save up for a Christmas trip to visit family across the country? I’m willing to bet you have the talents to take on a side hustle to make these dreams a reality.

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Picking up freelance or consulting work in your field can provide additional income for a specific purpose. A single $20 tutoring hour given weekly during the school year equals more than $700 (hellooooo travel soccer).

Take some time right now while you it to think launching your side biz with your amazing talents. OK, first I’ll give you some inspo:

One weekly stint of babysitting can easily yield $50 in many areas (that’s $2600 annually!).

These small deposits really add up when done consistently, especially if you keep your spending in check and devote all additional income to your goal. 

Have a bachelor’s degree? You can can teach English to children across the world via Skype with companies like VIP Kids, and at $14 to $22 per hour and a DIY schedule you can scale this hustle up or down to meet your needs.

If you’re a talented writer, you’d be surprised how many family and friends are:

  • Putting together content for ads, brochures, or freshened up website information.
  • Looking for someone to manage their social media content.
  • Seeking out feedback and assistance with resumes and CV building.
  • In need of review of college admission essays.

Have a great eye for graphic design? Individuals and entrepreneurs would love to speak to you about branding their small enterprise.

Never miss a day at the gym? Look into getting certified to teach your favorite class type (or better yet, the class you wish was on the schedule!).

Are there part-time or hourly openings at your children’s school, place of worship, community center or your favorite charity? Bonus, you’ll work for an organization you really believe in while helping your family reach its goals, we call that a win-win.

It can help to keep this additional income in a separate account earmarked for its intended purpose. Don’t have a specific dream you’re looking to finance? Think about picking up that side hustle anyway and watch your savings (and security) grow with every passing day.

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