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How To Have A Happy — And Affordable — Mother’s Day Celebration 

Rebecca Cohen  |  April 27, 2021

Mom’s have had a year. Celebrate them this year without breaking the bank by having an Affordable Mother's Day celebration. 

Spring. Has. Sprung. And while that means sunshine, and flowers, and pollen (oh my!), it also means Mother’s Day is right around the corner. 

This last year has been so hard for everyone, but it’s been especially crazy for all of the moms out there. While all of you single ladies were juggling work with the crippling mentality of a global pandemic, our favorite mamas out there were doing the same, while also teaching their school-from-home kids, cooking and cleaning to maintain a comfortable living space, budgeting and managing family finances, entertaining their families, taking the lead on caring for the pets, and literally every other thing you can think of. They did it, and we commend them.

In fact, since we know how much of a year moms have had, we are running an exclusive week-long email campaign with Fidelity to provide all of the mama bears with the financial support they need this Mother’s Day, this year, and always. Because they deserve something taken off their plates. (PS: The advice is still super helpful for those of us who don’t have kiddos!) 

So how do we show the moms in our lives how much we appreciate all they have done for us and for everyone in the last year? Enter: Mother’s Day plans! If you were ever going to show up for your mom, this is the year to do it. 

Maybe you’re splurging on the nicest robe you can find so she can relax every so often, or gifting a nutribullet to satisfy her new green juice cravings. But this year, it just feels like we need more than a gift. Moms deserve above and beyond this year, which is why I asked the ladies of the private HerMoney Facebook Group what they’re doing to celebrate their favorite moms this May — all while sticking to a budget and following CDC safety guidelines. And PS: None of these affordable Mother’s Day plans are going to break the bank. 

Jennifer F. is excited to get to (yard) work. She’s “going to the nurseries with [her] awesome neighbor to pick out this summer’s planting selection.” She’s finishing the special day with a BBQ for her husband since it’s his birthday. (Seriously, how did moms get to be so selfless?) 

Michelle S. recommends a classic: Breakfast in bed. She’s looking forward to that, and then hopes to go on a bike or hike with her family. She’ll also be doing a happy dance herself since May 9 marks 2 weeks since her second vaccine. Go Michelle! 

Donna M. is gearing up for the first camping trip of the season. “My adult kids will join me for a campfire the night before or breakfast the next morning,” she says. 

Emma K. recommends a pizza tour for all of those pizza-loving mamas. Look up some of the best places nearby and visit them throughout the day. Compare each place with a one-bite rating and be sure to take pics along the way. 

And while celebrating is great, sometimes all moms really want is a true day off. Give her some peace and quiet as you wrangle the kids for the day. Maybe even book her a massage or order in her favorite dinner so she doesn’t have to lift a finger. 

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