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40 Companies With 4 Day Workweeks And Remote Jobs

Sarah Pierce  |  May 19, 2024

Think a remote job with a 4-day workweek is too good to be true? Think again. Here's a rundown on the companies hiring now.

What’s better than a remote job? A remote job with a 4-day workweek. It might sound too good to be true, but just as remote work has become more common post-pandemic, so too is the 4-day workweek, with 30% of large companies in the U.S. moving toward either 4-day or 4.5-day workweeks, according to a survey of CEOs.

A recent trial conducted by 4 Day Week Global looked closely at how a shortened workweek impacted employees and employers at over 40 companies in the United States, Canada the UK and Ireland. After a year of working fewer hours, the study found employees experienced less burnout, were more productive, and had better physical, as well as mental health. 

Better Work-Life Balance

As expected, the study’s participants said clocking fewer hours gave them a better work-life balance. “There are so many life tasks we have to do and I think we might categorize them as errands, but they’re things we need to survive,” says career coach Elizabeth Pearson. “Those things get pushed onto Saturday and Sunday and therefore, the weekend feels less impactful, versus if you had a Friday or Monday to do a dentist appointment or a Target run or things like that. Then, you could actually unplug and have more restorative weekends.”

Additional Cost Savings

One of the other ripple effects of a shortened workweek? Saving more of your hard-earned money. “Whether you’re working remotely or in person, you’re going to see reduced costs in terms of your commute, less wear and tear on your vehicle, and you could see reduced costs in childcare for families,” notes Keith Spencer, a Career Expert with FlexJobs

An Increase In Revenue For Companies

But what about employers, who would surely be concerned about not getting their money’s worth out of employees? According to the research, it’s a non-issue. In fact, companies participating in the trial said their revenue increased by 15% over their year of offering a 4-day workweek to employees. “They were seeing productivity, improved performance and improved morale from employees,” says Spencer. “Companies were having an easier time attracting and retaining top talent. There were a lot of benefits for companies and working professionals, which I think, similar to remote work, is causing that kind of increase in popularity.” 

As you can probably imagine, competition for remote positions with shortened workweeks can be stiff. But fear not, there are things you can do to stand out, starting with emphasizing any prior remote work experience. “A lot of people want to work remotely, but not everybody is necessarily well suited for that environment,” advises Spencer. “By showing that you have some remote experience already, employers will have a bit more confidence that you can succeed in that type of capacity. No remote experience? Spencer says to be sure to highlight any remote-related skills in your toolbox, for example, an ability to use remote conferencing tools or working well with a team that wasn’t based solely in one location.

Where to Find Jobs With A 4-Day Workweek 

So, where can one find these unicorn jobs that offer both remote positions with a 4-day workweek? Experts say while many larger employers are heading in that direction, don’t sleep on smaller, lesser-known companies, which may be more likely to shift to the 4-day workweek model. “If we think of a giant organization with thousands of employees, it might be a little trickier for them logistically to implement this type of policy,” notes Spencer. “It can be a bit easier for some smaller organizations to implement those [shorter workweek] policies and then improve their ability to compete with those larger organizations.”

If you’re ready to get your remote, 4-day workweek job search on, check out the below list of companies hiring for remote positions and either offering or planning to offer in the near future, a shorter workweek:


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