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How To Use Social Media To Get A Job In 2021

Isabella Simonetti  |  May 18, 2021

Thinking of sliding into your prospective employer’s DMs? Using social media to get a job is often being used in a remote world — and it’s working. 

In a remote work world, your social media presence is of the utmost importance when you’re on the hunt for a new job. We all know that employers frequently look at potential candidates’ social media profiles in order to vet them before a hire is made, and that an unprofessional social media presence can damage your application — or even kill it completely. 

But in a post-COVID, remote working world, it’s not just vetting that’s taking place on social media. Today, more job candidates are leveraging social media as a tool to get a job in an uncertain market. They’re making the first move. They’re following. They’re liking. They’re initiating conversations that allow them to showcase their talents, and they’re using social media as their way to get a foot in the virtual door. 

Here’s how they’re doing it — and how you can follow suit to find the job of your dreams. 

Engagement, Engagement, Engagement 

Leanne Rahn, Financial Advisor at Fiduciary Financial Advisors recommends frequently updating your LinkedIn and other social media profiles as well as engaging with potential employers’ content in order to catch their attention and to use those social media profiles to help you get a job. 

“Not only does it show you are interested in what they put out into the world, but it also shows you are an advocate for their company,” Rahn says. “Sharing is caring and employers will recognize your advocacy and support.” 

Justin Pritchard, Founder of Approach Financial, also recommends some “informal” social media interactions with potential employers. “Comment and reply in a conversational way to build relationships with people. Not only is it enjoyable to chat online, but you can also accomplish some networking this way,” he says. 

Build Your Network 

Once you’ve begun engaging with the companies you’re interested in, Rahn suggests building out your network as much as possible. This means connecting with people on LinkedIn and other platforms who work for the companies you’d love to work with, or who are leaders in your field.  “Building a team of people who want you to succeed will get you far in life,” she says. “You have the power to build that team in a social media presence.” 

Pritchard recommends following influencers in your field — you don’t have to become one of their personal connections in order to benefit from their insight. “Find out who is at the leading edge of thinking, and follow those accounts to find out about dominant themes in your industry.”

Following influencers will help you gain a more comprehensive understanding of what leaders in your industry are doing, and simultaneously provide you with inspiration. 

Publicize Your Accomplishments (Toot Your Horn!) 

Yes, we use social media to connect with other people and companies, but don’t forget that these platforms also offer an incredible space to share your accomplishments. 

Don’t be afraid to share your wins, Pritchard says. “If you get a new designation, certification, or skill, tell everybody about it. It might not result in an instant offer, but people know that you’re constantly improving yourself and you’re serious about your craft.”

Help Others

Share the love. Make recommendations for former colleagues. Congratulate a friend on a new job or promotion. There is not a finite amount of success to go around in the world — when you show appreciation for others, or help someone else land a job, you’re sowing the seeds of positivity that can come back to you one day, ten fold. When you help others, you’re cultivating meaningful connections that can help you reach your own professional goals one day in the future. 

“By sharing job opportunities and introducing people in your network, you not only get to feel good about helping people—your good deed might come back around your way,” Pritchard says. “People love helping people who helped them.”


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