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The Top 100 Companies Hiring Now for Remote Work

Rebecca Cohen  |  March 10, 2021

Remote jobs are plentiful in 2021. Here’s how to land one at a company hiring for remote work sooner rather than later. 

Remote work is no longer a negotiation point in a new job offer, a special treat on a national holiday, or something you have to beg your boss for when you’re feeling under the weather. In 2021, it’s a fact of life. And there are plenty of companies hiring for remote work right now. 

While working from home has already proven itself — what’s not to love about zero commute, a (much!) more comfortable working wardrobe, and schedule flexibility? — some companies may say that as soon as vaccines are mainstream, employees must find their way back into the office. 

If you’ve grown accustomed to your new home office and getting “back to normal” sounds pretty terrible to you, tbh, then look no further. FlexJobs put out a list of the top 100 companies hiring for remote jobs now. We’re highlighting the top performers, and sprinkling in a little advice on how to land one of this year. 

Who’s Hiring?

You can check out FlexJobs’ list of Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs right here. Aside from the comprehensive list of companies, you’ll also notice some of the best fields for remote work, and those fields that are are expected to have more remote work positions as the year goes on. FlexJobs has given these 10 companies — plus another 90 — two thumbs up. 




Working Solutions





Robert Half International


Why They’re The Best

The companies that earned a space on this Top 100 list were those that “posted the most remote job openings to FlexJobs in 2020,” explains Toni Frana, Career Coach and Team Lead at FlexJobs and Remote.co. Pandemic aside, these companies had the ability to hire remote workers, and even hired more remote workers than normal because of the need to work from home this past year. Overall, FlexJobs saw a 19% increase in remote work postings when comparing 2020 to 2019. 

So, as you’re awaiting your dose of the oh-so-coveted vaccine, don’t feel discouraged about switching gigs. In fact, remote work options are plentiful as we enter this new year, giving you many opportunities to continue your career path as you choose. 

The Perfect Candidate 

Before we talk applicants, let’s talk numbers. FlexJobs has screened more than 57,000 “remote-friendly companies,” says Frana, and they all say their “perfect” worker has the following traits: 

  •  Good written and verbal communication
  • Solid time and task management 
  • The ability to focus
  • Proactive communication and speaking up for yourself
  • Comfort with technology

If you check all of these boxes, you’re a perfect fit for many of these companies. 

And even though these days we’re spread all over the country, company culture is still of the utmost importance when it comes to hiring. Sure, they want to know if you vibe well with your prospective team, but they also want to know if you’re understanding and patient when trouble arises…  Showcasing that in your interview might just give you the leg up you need to make it to the next round. 

Landing the Job 

Once you’re ready to make a career move, Frana recommends putting together an “action plan” before starting your job search. 

First on the list: Research and self-evaluation. Ask yourself, “what is it you want to do? What is important to you about a company? What skills do you have that are indicative of your ability to work remotely?” Frana says. 

Got your answers? Good. Now you can turn to some external research. Find companies and positions that fulfill your wants and needs. When one catches your eye, head to your resume and cover letter to give them the necessary touch ups so you look like you’re born for the role. 

Now that all of the pieces are in place, it’s time to network. “If you can connect with someone at a company you are applying to, that can really accelerate your success in landing a job as well,” Frana says. 

When you’re on the hunt remember this: These companies want to hire “professionals who are interested and able in doing their jobs — not just people who want to work from home. Make sure you’re motivated by the job and company, not just the option for remote work, and focus on your qualifications and skills in your application materials,” Frana says. Remote work is a given right now. Instead of pushing your want to WFH, focus on the job and the company, and most importantly, why you’re the perfect fit for the position. 

Keep In Mind The Pros And Cons Of Working Remotely 

Not everyone who works remotely is able to self-manage, stay focused, and work independently. If you work from a home office, you may find yourself thinking about your laundry, dishes, yard work, or other household duties that need to get done. And don’t forget how important it is to have regular human interaction — if you find yourself missing your colleagues, you’re not alone. Being able to go for coffee, lunch, or happy hour with your fellow employees is so important. 

But at the end of the day, remote workers tend to be happier and more loyal employees. In a FlexJobs survey done in partnership with Mental Health America on the health benefits of flexible work, nearly half of people who work remotely indicated they have a better work-life balance than those who don’t have any work flexibility. When you eliminate a commute, you also eliminate stress associated with drive time and traffic jams — not to mention it’s better for the planet! Many remote employees report being more productive when working from home as well. Another pro: working remotely also brings more opportunity to people who live in more rural areas. 


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