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Who’s Hiring Right Now: A List Of Companies Offering Full-Time And Temp Jobs During the Coronavirus

Dayana Yochim  |  March 27, 2020

Despite a historic number of new unemployment claims, companies are hiring. To aid in your job search we'll continually update this list.

The stats are dire: 3.3 Million new unemployment claims were announced this week, and more are expected in the days to come. By some estimates, we could reach 20% unemployment before the coronavirus lockdown comes to an end. 

Even though the government will be sending some financial respite to taxpayers in the coming weeks and extending unemployment benefits, it’s likely not going to be enough for many families who will need to begin a new job search ASAP. (To find out if you’ll qualify for a $1,200 check, click here. Checks should be heading out nationwide as early as April 6.) 

Despite all the turmoil for countless industries, the coronavirus has also caused a spike in demand for critical products and services

To help you with your job search we’ve put together a list of large companies that are hiring. Many of the jobs listed below are hourly positions, part-time positions or contractor work, but there’s always room for advancement — Walmart, for example, says some of the part-time temp jobs will eventually become full-time positions. 

Where to Job Search for Full-Time, Part-Time, Hourly and Temp Work

In addition to the large job search portals like Monster and Indeed, there are specialized job sites that can help you narrow the field. For example, at InHerSight.com women (and men) rate companies for their female-friendly policies. Use InHerSight’s match tool (which requires free registration) to search for businesses in your field that are hiring.

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Below are some large companies that are ramping up their workforce during the coronavirus. We’ve included direct links to their application pages to help during your job search:

  • Amazon is hiring drivers, warehouse workers and shoppers (job listings here). The company says it will add 100,000 workers to keep up with delivery demand during the coronavirus crisis. See also Amazon’s virtual/work-from-home jobs
  • Costco and Trader Joe’s are known for offering employees better-than-average pay and benefits. Right now Costco is seeking hourly workers to staff its warehouses, but there are other job openings at stores across the country as well. Search for available jobs at Trader Joe’s.
  • CVS says it is accelerating its plan to fill 50,000 full- and part-time positions across the country. Search for career opportunities by job title or location at jobs.cvshealth.com/. Walgreens has also more than 9,000 positions to fill (see jobs.walgreens.com/).

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  • Discount chains Dollar General, Dollar Tree and Family Dollar all have locations across the country and are ramping up staff numbers to support in-store and distribution roles. For more on applying for positions, check out their online career portals at Dollar General, Dollar Tree and Family Dollar
  • Domino’s (jobs.dominos.com), Papa John’s (jobs.papajohns.com or text JOBS to 47272) and Pizza Hut (jobs.pizzahut.com) are hiring drivers, cooks and call center agents.  
  • Grocery store delivery service Instacart says it is doubling its legions of personal shoppers in the coming months  (apply here). This is an independent contractor position (you can read the agreement here). For an aggregated list of other delivery app side hustles and expected hourly or per-gig pay, see Sidehusl.com
  • Bricks-and-mortar supermarkets like Aldi, Kroger, Publix are also filling positions. Click those links for job listings, and see what’s available at Albertsons (the parent company of other grocery chains like Safeway, Shaw’s, Jewel and Vons). 
  • 7-11 says it’s hiring 20,000 store employees. Visit the company’s career portal for more and search U.S. job listings here.
  • The popular chat/project management service Slack is based in California, but a handful of the current job openings are remote.  
  • The U.S. Census Bureau needs 500,000 temporary and part-time workers. Hourly pay ranges from $13 to $50 an hour is based on position and location. (See what rates are near you.) Apply for a position here
  • Walmart is filling 150,000 temporary positions in its stores, clubs and distribution/fulfillment centers. The company says that some of the filled positions may turn into full-time work. See Walmart job listings.
  • Zoom has been a lifesaver for companies (and individuals) to continue face-to-face meetings. The video conferencing companies has open positions in all departments in multiple locations including California, Denver, Boston, Atlanta, Kansas and overseas.

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Editor’s note: We maintain a strict editorial policy and a judgment-free zone for our community, and we also strive to remain transparent in everything we do. This post contains references and links to products from our partners. Learn more about how we make money.
Editor’s note: We maintain a strict editorial policy and a judgment-free zone for our community, and we also strive to remain transparent in everything we do. Posts may contain references and links to products from our partners. Learn more about how we make money.

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