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HerMoney Podcast: Danica McKellar Schools Us On Math & Money (Episode 119)

Jean Chatzky  |  October 2, 2018

Just like you fell for Winnie Cooper on "The Wonder Years", we've fallen for Danica McKellar IRL.

Kevin Arnold, we get it. Just like you fell for Winnie Cooper on “The Wonder Years”, we’ve fallen for Danica McKellar IRL. (Case in point: When she played Monopoly growing up, she’d create emergency cash cushions by hiding her money from herself.) It’s no surprise that the actress many of us grew up with is also an internationally recognized mathematician, who has her own theorem (yes, a theorem) and is the author a number of books aimed at helping girls in particular become more confident about math.

She came on to talk about her latest — “Do Not Open This Math Book” — but also the origins of math phobias and why the stereotypes about women and math still linger today. It’s a must-listen. Then, in Mailbag, we answer your questions on life insurance for children, IRAs and finding an adviser that’s right for you. In Thrive, we cover new variables that could determine your credit opportunities.

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