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5 Long-Wear Lipsticks That Won’t Come Off On Your Mask

Rebecca Cohen  |  October 12, 2020

Stay glam while staying safe with these amazing lipsticks (in all colors!) that will last you from mask-on till mask-off.

In 2020, a lot of our favorite things and “little luxuries” have fallen by the wayside. And for us lipgloss-loving ladies, showing off our favorite lip colors has unfortunately been added to a list I like to call “Things Of The Past.” Many of us have had to pivot our beauty routines due to the pandemic, and one of those tradeoffs is sporting a fabulous and protective mask instead of a bright red hue or a glossy baby pink. 

But I was convinced that there had to be another way. Makeup is so innovative these days that I knew there had to be products out there that would give you an all-day lovely lip, even when paired with a must-wear mask. And I was right. As always, the women of our private HerMoney Facebook page came through with their suggestions for long-wear lipsticks that are sure to stay put, from mask-on, to mask-off.

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Our very own Kathryn Tuggle, and the queen of the longwear lip, says “I’m obsessed with Tarte’s lip paint… And my two favorite colors happen to be half off at the moment! This stuff will give you a good 10 hours of wear, but still comes off easily with a little oil or lotion when you’re done for the day.”  Buy it here.

Lauren K. recommends Beauty Bakerie, which is a Black woman-owned company now available at Ulta. “Their Matte Lip Whips don’t budge until removed with an oil-based cleanser!” she says. Buy it here. 

Nicola C. relies on the classics. Covergirl Outlast 24 Hour Lipstick is her go-to. “Honestly goes about 12 hours without touch ups, doesn’t rub off at all, doesn’t dry your lips and if you don’t like a matte finish there is a clear gloss that goes over it,” she says. She’s been wearing it for years and still swears by it.  Buy it here. 

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Carolina M. urged us to try Revlon Colorstay Overtime Lipcolor. The “kiss-proof” formula has a glossy look and comes in tons of colors. Buy it here. 

Loren B. loves her LipSense from SeneGence. Though this option is a little pricier than the rest, it can last up to 18 hours, giving you all-day coverage in all of the colors you love. Buy it here. 

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