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10 Things That Will Be On Sale This Memorial Day Weekend

Bev O'Shea  |  May 27, 2022

You could save hundreds on mattresses or major appliances, but big-ticket items aren’t the only reasons to check out the Memorial Day weekend sales.

Inflation and continued supply-chain snarls mean you may need to look at this year’s sales differently. That doesn’t mean you can’t walk away with a bargain.  If you’re in the market for a mattress, major appliance or athletic equipment, Memorial Day might offer you the best deals you’re going to see this summer. It’s at least worth a look. 

Then again, if you’re paying $5 a gallon for gasoline — or worse, wish you could find it for that price and sales tempt you to buy things you don’t actually need . . . maybe Memorial Day weekend is a good time to do something else. 

For many of us, though, the timing could not be better, and shopping experts know when to buy what to get the lowest prices. Maytag, for example, offers discounts and rebates throughout May, says shopping expert Trae Bodge, who blogs at TrueTrae.com. You can plan on it. 

Kristen Gall, retail and shopping expert at rebate site Rakuten, says shoppers can expect discounts of 30% to 70% on some items, particularly home goods, electronics and appliances. You also may be able to snag a deal on some holiday inventory. “Some retailers received their holiday inventory late last year and they still have a lot to liquidate, Gall says. “This could be a benefit to consumers in the form of deeper discounts and bigger sales.”

One new question shoppers need to ask before they buy: When will I actually receive the merchandise? Outdoor furniture or a lawn mower might not be worth the wait. Also, without some context, deals that are really good can look a little “meh.” That’s because of inflation; we may be remembering the price last time we shopped, when prices in general were lower. 

Here are some of the deals you’re likely to see:

Mattresses: Just about everyone is discounting mattresses. This means companies that sell several brands of mattresses, like Sleepy’s, along with companies that sell their own, like Casper. Many retailers are offering deep discounts, and some are already out of stock. Don’t wait to start looking, since most sales begin on Friday. 

Major appliances. Best Buy, Home Depot and Lowe’s all have deals on big appliances scheduled for this weekend. If you’re looking for washers, dryers, refrigerators or other appliances, you may be able to snag a deal. (Just keep in mind that supply chain issues are still a problem for many brands, so the exact refrigerator that you’ve had your eye on might not be in stock just yet.) 

Outdoor furniture. The big-box stores, including Home Depot, Targe and Walmart (alongside online retailer Wayfair) traditionally mark down outdoor furniture around Memorial Day weekend, and this year is expected to be no exception. In fact, many reports indicate that some companies may have over-ordered lawn furniture this year, and may be looking to move it quickly. (People were buying it in droves in 2020… in 2022, not so much. So keep an eye out for deep discounts tehre.) 

Tech deals. Dell, HP and Lenovo are scheduled to offer some Memorial Day discounts, varying between 5% and 10%, which isn’t huge, but on a pricy electronic item, it can really help you save. Also, and we saved the best for last, check out Apple’s sales. Apple Watches are discounted at some stores already, and will be marked down through the weekend. 

Small appliances. Think air fryers, toaster ovens, coffee makers and the like. Check for these on Amazon, or at your local big box store of choice, including Target and Walmart. 

Grills. Sure, the deals will be better after Independence Day, but that’s one precious summer month of waiting. If you’re really in need of a way to cook out side, is it worth it? Experts say you can probably find 15% to 20% off grills now at retailers including Lowes and Home Depot, but those discounts are likely to go up to 30% if not 40% after July 4th.

Lawn mowers. Prices tend to be lower around Memorial Day, but selection this year is more limited, due to COVID.  Check Lowes, Walmart and Home Depot for the best prices. 

Fitness equipment. No, this isn’t something that’s traditionally marked down for Memorial Day, but since COVID, we’ve seen that this is a category that sees discounts. Why? Retailers are eager to clear excess inventory that didn’t move during the holiday season, and buyers who suddenly find themselves thinking about swimsuit season are likely to pull the trigger.

TVs. From small TVs suitable for the guest room to large smart TVs, you can find deals this year. For this one, start your shopping online at Amazon, Best Buy, and Target, and look for coupons that you can add to cart to help those discounts get even deeper.  

Summer drinkware. See lawn furniture, above. This was a hot item in 2020, so stores ordered tons of it. Now in 2022, it’s seriously on sale. Look for it literally everywhere. (And we love this sale in particular, because you could go crazy toasting the town and still do very little damage to your bank account.) 

Also, assuming your purchase will arrive soon-ish, you might find Memorial Day sales a good time to get Fathers Day or wedding gifts.

No matter how you are shopping, some smart preparation now can help you save even more when you are ready to buy. Here’s something else to keep in mind: Amazon Prime Day is right around the corner (July). So if you’ve been pining for a Kindle or a Firestick, you’ll likely be rewarded for waiting.

In the meantime, whether you are shopping the sales or not, there are some ways to either deepen the discounts or start nibbling away at your everyday expenses. Here’s a look at some of Bodge’s favorite tips for saving money this summer: 

Set a deal alert at SlickDeals.net. You’ll get an email about when they go on sale and where. (I tested it out, searching for a mattress for the guest room. Both in- and out-of-stock deals turned up, but I’m tempted to buy now.)

Install a browser from a deal site. SlickDeals has one; CouponFollow has some discount codes for additional Memorial Day savings as well as a browser. (You won’t always be able to stack coupons or discounts, so it’s smart to see which saves you more money.) “Small alerts will pop up and say things  like, “hey, you can get cashback here. You can get 3.5% cashback if you click on this offer, or there’s a coupon available,” she says. Other browser extensions worth considering: Honey, Rakuten Cash-back button, and (Amazon-only) Camelizer.

Use price-comparison tools. Google Shopping and Yahoo Shopping, for example, can quickly let you know if everyone is offering about the same price or if one retailer is offering a better deal.

Choose a credit card to maximize your rewards for spending. A cash-back card, for example, can essentially increase the discount you’re getting. Some rotate categories, so keep up. If you prefer it simple, just use a cash-back card. 

Check for open-box or refurb deals. Do check the warranty, though, to make sure it’s as good as new, and that the item is returnable if you’re not satisfied. If you’re shopping for appliances, check floor models. A scratch or dent that faces the wall could save you some money.


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