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Amazon Prime Perks You Didn’t Know Existed (Or Maybe Aren’t Using)

Aly Walansky  |  July 11, 2022

It’s the time of year Amazon users look forward to most for scoring sweet deals on all sorts of items. Here’s our guide. 

Sure, Amazon Prime Day is great, but the most active of Amazon users know their Amazon Prime gives tons of value year-round. Here’s a look at what you might be missing out on. 

Amazon Prime Day Deals

Well, this is probably the most obvious – but also rather timely. To take advantage of those sweet Amazon Prime Day deals, you’re going to have to be an Amazon Prime member. These days tend to be even better than the ones on Black Friday, so you don’t want to miss out. Prime Days for 2022 are Tuesday, July 12 and Wednesday, July 13. 

Cashback Offers

It doesn’t have to be Prime Day for you to take advantage of cashback offers, such as the ones that Prime members get with the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature credit card. This includes all manner of features, such as 5% cash back on things you purchase at Amazon and Whole Foods, but also 1% to 2% cash back on things not even from Amazon.


Your Prime membership also gives you access to loads of books that can be streamed via Prime Reading. “Prime reading comprises over 2,000 books and magazines. You can pick out up to 10 books or magazines at a time and enjoy them through your Kindle app,” says Lars Koch, Finance Specialist at Kredit Finance.


If you’re a gamer and an Amazon Prime member,  Prime Gaming is another fun free perk to take advantage of. “This feature offers free games and in-game content for members. This feature also allows you to subscribe to one Twitch channel each month and enjoy your favorite gamers’ streams,” says Koch.

Amazon Household

Your Amazon Prime account via Amazon Household can give up to 10 people in your family coverage via Amazon Prime, as long as you share an address. Each person can manage their own accounts — but parents can put controls on the kids’ accounts to make sure they don’t make any purchases without permission! 

Prime Wardrobe

Prime Wardrobe is sort of Amazon’s spin on layaway, but many Prime members don’t even know it exists. With it, you can order and try on three or more clothing items, and there’s no need to pay up front. Once you get them, you have a full week to try the items out, and you can ship back anything you don’t like. If you don’t like it, you won’t be charged, ever. It’s like turning your own home into a fitting room…except you don’t have to go anywhere!  

Baby Registry

Amazon’s free baby registry offers parents an adorable welcome box. All you need to do is create your baby registry through Amazon (which is a great idea anyway since you can find pretty much anything on there), and then a free boxe will be sent your way full of useful items for your new baby —  everything from diapers and blankets to cleaning supplies. 


One of the most popular of Amazon Prime perks is grocery delivery with Amazon Fresh. These groceries often have free delivery same day, or even within a 2-hour window in some cities. Amazon Prime membership also offers discounts at Whole Foods.

Amazon Key

Package theft has been a real problem lately across the country, and Amazon Key is can be a solid option for avoiding all that stress. Amazon Key offers in-garage delivery, so your packages will be safely waiting for you, tucked into your garage. To make it work, you’ll need to install a smart garage kit so that the Amazon delivery person has access, but many users say it’s well worth the peace of mind. 


Prime members can use Amazon Photos to store and back up photos and videos. You can also upgrade to unlimited photo storage (If you need more than the 5 gigabytes it comes with) and all your  images can be stored, printed, and shared with family. 


This new perk is a partnership between Amazon and  Grubhub that offers Prime members a free, one-year Grubhub+ membership, with unlimited $0 delivery fees on their orders. Who says there’s no such thing as free lunch (delivery, at least!).

Amazon Music & Prime Video 

Stream millions of songs for free, as well as take advantage of discounted subscriptions with Amazon Music Unlimited. Then, with Prime Video, many TV series and  movies are included for free with your Prime membership. Some options are exclusive to Amazon. 

Shipping Options

Amazon Prime usually offers 2-day or next day delivery (and even same-day in some cases) and it’s a great way to get those items you need in a hurry. But if you aren’t in a hurry, there’s another fun option to take advantage of that can pay off. “If you don’t need your order within the next few days, choose free “No-Rush shipping” whenever you get the option,” says Anthony Martin,  CEO of the insurance agency Choice Mutual and a member of the Forbes Finance Council.  

Usually, you’ll get free $1 to $10 digital credits on games, movies, eBooks, and more. These credits act like coupons rather than actual currency, expiring after a specified time. Still, they can earn you significant savings on products that don’t typically get discounted when new, like big release video games. 

Charitable donations

Amazon’s charitable component, AmazonSmile, lets you choose a charity and donate while you shop on Amazon. You can bookmark your AmazonSmile homepage (which looks just like your normal Amazon page) and you will be donating to a worthy cause every time you log in. 

Amazon Pharmacy

Getting to the pharmacy isn’t always so easy, but there’s a simple fix: Amazon can fill your prescriptions within two days, and deliver them to your door. While it might not be more affordable than your pharmacy for some medicines, in many cases they offer some pretty competitive prices.

Amazon Student

This program, especially created for students, gives students three free months of Amazon Prime, and after that it’s $8.99 for the whole year (significantly cheaper than the sticker price of $139), and it also includes perks like homework help, Grubhub+ Student, ree LinkedIn Premium, and even travel deals.


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