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The 13 Female-led Podcasts You Need To Listen To This Women’s History Month

Lindsay Tigar  |  February 28, 2022

The dynamic female hosts and producers that are making history today — and teaching us all a better way.

Happy Women’s History Month! Yes, we know you’re all supporting your fellow woman year-round, but it’s nice to take a minute at the start of our favorite month to give a shout-out to some of the dynamic women we should all be learning from 

The next time you’re on a jog or a road trip or even a trip to the grocery store, consider queuing up your podcast rotation to support these inspiring, motivating and empowering female hosts. These successful women have taken notes from their own life journeys, and they’re sharing what they’ve learned — along with insight from some incredible guests — with us. Topics range from fitness, health and money to mothering, relationships, and more. Whatever you’re looking for, here’s a look at our picks for the best female-led podcasts to tune into regularly for a better, happier — and possibly even more badass — you. 

HerMoney (you know we had to) 

Hosted by Jean Chatzky

We may be a little biased here, but for the kind of straight-talk yet always-compassionate money advice that women need, there’s no better woman to learn from than our founder and CEO, Jean Chatzky. Each week, she introduces listeners to a powerful guest (including Amy Errett, Jessamyn Stanley, Tori Dunlap, Minda Harts, and many more.) She dives into hard-hitting insights in HerMoney’s famed “judgment-free zone,” and tackles listener questions in a compassionate and direct way, enabling women to navigate our finances with confidence. In each weekly episode (plus bonus Mailbags) you can count on the latest research, some good laughs, giveaways, and expert tips for how to better our financial futures. 

She’s a 10 Times 5

Hosted by Laurie Reider-Jabbar and Lisa O’Coyne

This podcast, geared toward women from 40 to 60 years old, has no topics off-limits. They tackle relationships and intimacy, health and wellness, motherhood and household management, physiological changes and more, all with an eye towards helping women navigate their ‘second-acts.’ The variety of guests will help you rediscover your purpose, find your spark and feel empowered for the next phase of life. 

Models That Eat

Hosted by Phoebe “Pojo” Joseph 

There’s a stereotype about models that we all know too well: they don’t eat, and they aren’t foodies. This model-turned-host, Pojo, is setting out to change all that by interviewing models about their careers, their love of culinary feats (and feasts), and what really goes on behind the scenes in the fashion industry. Her mission is to normalize food and body image for all, including those who grace the runway.

Be Sexy Eat Plants

Hosted by Kristel de Groot

If you’ve been toying with the idea of going vegan, this is a podcast you’ll find enlightening. Kristel chats with vegan celebrities, musicians, entrepreneurs, athletes and other influencers to find out more about their journeys into veganism, their favorite recipes, and so much more. Her health guidelines are vetted by nutritionists, and the insightful Q&As reveal more about life than what we can find in the kitchen. Whether you’re fully vegan or a questioning carnivore, you won’t want to miss the discussion of a sexy plant-based life. 

Quotable: A Female Millennial Entrepreneur Podcast

Hosted by Alessandra Pollina

This entrepreneur and founder knows a thing or two about growing a successful business, considering she’s done it herself. Alessandra discusses all manner of trending topics from the start-up world, including what it takes to build a household-name brand, the value of public relations, and how to get past growth hurdles. She also includes inspiring interviews with fellow female entrepreneurs — it’s a show for any woman who is looking to build a business, or build confidence. 

The Motherlode

Hosted by Sarah Bradford & Stephanie Nelson

As the founders of LUNA Mother Co., this dynamic duo lays out parenting and motherhood as it is: the good, the bad, and all of the growing pains in-between. When you tune in, expect to hear downloads on fitness, wellness, sex, parenting, pelvic health, childbirth and more. Expert guests include a rotating cast of doulas, personal trainers and doctors who provide the kind of advice we all need to hear. 

What’s On Your Mind?

Hosted by Jani Rad

Jani welcomes a variety of guests to discuss their current musings and trends, including toxic beauty standards, raising bees, the impact of redlining, and countless more diverse topics. We all have chaotic minds that wander here, there, and everywhere, and this show seeks to offer a little something for everyone, no matter what you’re in the mood for. It’s a hilarious and inspiring listen that gives us a unique perspective on the interesting lives of professionals we might not meet at our local bar. 


Hosted by Julia Karol

There’s no ‘right’ way to have a family. Some go the traditional nuclear route, while others become single parents. Others adopt. Many go through fertility issues, or choose surrogacy. In this podcast, families of all sizes, creations and journeys are validated and celebrated. Guests are interviewed in a storytelling format, and at the end of every episode, valuable and actionable resources are provided. This show gives a community and voice to all types of parents. 

The Not So Simple Life

Hosted by Kylie Vonnahme and Sophie Longford

Kylie grew up in Dallas while Sophie was raised in London — but they both moved to New York to become models. They’ve built successful careers on-and-off the runway and now are sharing their wellness insights. Episodes cover beauty hacks, fashion secrets, entrepreneurial journeys, and so much more. It’s as easy-to-digest as it is well-rounded.

Spiritually Hungry

Hosted by Monica Berg 

Monica is the author of two books — ‘Fear Is Not an Option’ and ‘Rethink Love,’ and she’s also a relationship expert and a mother of four kids. But most of all, she’s a self-professed ‘Change Junkie’ whose goal is to spark curiosity, evoke happiness and transformation, and create a healthier existence. Topics cover everything from relationships and career to self-improvement, with episodes titled ‘How to Access Comfort in Difficult Times,’ ‘How to Kindle a Soul Mate Relationship,’ and ‘How to Avoid Being Dragged into the Emotional Turmoil of Others.’ Yes, please. 

The Long Finish

Hosted by Kathryn Coker 

Kathryn is a wine expert: named a top sommelier by Food & Wine in 2017, one of the ‘40 Under 40 Tastemakers’ for Wine Enthusiasts in 2016, the wine director at Rustic Canyon Family Wine Director, and the co-owner of Esters Wine Shop & Bar. Alongside her husband, she pops open a bottle of wine to talk about drinking, life, marriage, parenting — and more. It’s the type of podcast for those who want to brush up on their wine knowledge in an engaging, non-formal, yet educational format. You can expect topics like wine trends, vintage champagnes, how to order a bottle at a restaurant, and more. 

Means & Matters

Hosted by Leah Thomas

Sustainability has become a trending topic of conversation for both consumers and businesses, and this podcast dives deep into the questions we all want answered. As an intersectional environmentalist activist, Leah has weekly conversations with female leaders in both business and sustainability to detail their experiences, offer advice, and encourage listeners to seek out environmentally sustainable practices, consider mission-driven brands, and support women-owned and diverse businesses.

The Product Boss

Hosted by Jacqueline Snyder and Minna Khounlo-Sithe

These inspiring women are both first-generation immigrant women from minority families that have beaten the odds to achieve great levels of success. Now, they’re taking all they’ve learned and are mentoring other females through their incredible podcast that discusses small business strategies, digital marketing, female entrepreneurship, time management, side hustles, work/life balance and somuch more. 

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