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10 Women On The Self-Care Routines That Have Gotten Them Through The Pandemic

Rebecca Cohen  |  January 12, 2021

Treat yourself without breaking the bank. All of these self-care routines are sure to make you (and your wallet) feel great. 

The biggest trend in 2020? Self-care routines. That’s right, Millennials and Gen-Z have actually shifted their spending habits more than older older generations, and are now allocating a significant portion of their discretionary funds on a little TLC for themselves. According to a study by Laurel Road, 32% of the younger demo is forking over cash for personal wellness, 25% are investing in their personal professional development, and an additional 25% are putting money toward mental health resources. 

We’re not going to lie. We love this. Here at HerMoney, we are all about self-care, and totally understand the importance of taking care of yourself and your mental health. So kudos to you, Gen-Z and Millennials for focusing on these important facets of life. 

Although allocating funds to these spending categories is great, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get yourself to the right headspace. In fact, there are plenty of ways for you (and for Millennials and Gen-Z-ers) to practice self-care and save money while  doing so. So, where is the intersection of affordability and self-care, you may ask? I decided to poll the lovely ladies of our private HerMoney Facebook Group about the self-care routines they’ve relied on to maintain sanity in 2020, and I think you’re going to love their suggestions. (And no, self-care does not mean a boujee skincare routine, but we wouldn’t turn down a good mask.) 

Kimberly G. says she’s keeping it simple. “I have a support group of like-minded women who check in with each other and our healthy habits,” she writes. There’s  nothing like women supporting women. 

Cari H. is focusing on her physical health by making sure she is doing two things every day: Exercising and hydrating. Never underestimate the power of a glass of water. 

Elizabeth G. takes care of herself by being safely social. “I have a distance lunch with the old ladies at least once a month,” she says. When she’s alone, she works on a new sewing project. “Me time,” she calls it. 

Beth M. never returned to the nail salons. “I do my own nails,” she writes. For $28, she got a system from cindinails.com that has been an “absolute dream.” (As someone who can’t live without a good manicure and is sick of paying NYC prices for one, I will be checking this out.) 

Carlye J. plans one night a week to connect with friends and family via a phone call for her version of a self-care routine. She sets an alarm on her phone for Tuesday evenings after dinner, and her husband knows not to bother her for the next hour. These connections have been incredibly important for her throughout the pandemic. 

Teresa L. is also getting physical. She says she walks or rides her bike every day, and even does so with her neighbors for a social outlet. 

Jen U. is creating a spa-like environment in her own home. “Most nights after my kids go to bed, I take a hot bath (sometimes with bubbles) and escape by reading a good novel while I soak,” she says. Heather S., on the other hand, says she heads to the real spa once a month for a massage. Both sound like excellent options! 

Jana C. is focusing on the “look good, feel good” mindset. “Recently I’ve started just pulling my hair back in a tight glossy bun and playing with wearing dangly earrings for my Zoom meetings,” she says. Her exercise routine has also pivoted this year. “I also committed to a consistent mat Pilates routine and some yoga. I thought I would cardio my way through COVID, but that hasn’t been at all what I’ve gravitated toward.”

Julie D. says she’s also focusing on mindfulness, and does not at all regret her subscription to the Calm app which guides her through meditation. 

And finally, Zarah B. is taking it to a professional. The best self-care routine? Therapy, she says. If you’ve been thinking of talking to someone, here’s our rundown on how to get mental healthcare without breaking the bank, and if you’ve been diagnosed with depression, here’s how to protect your wallet while you’re protecting yourself

Of course, you don’t have to love any of these routines, or have any routine at all. As long as you’re taking some time for yourself every day, that’s what’s most important. Maybe that’s taking a nap, putting on makeup, heading out for a jog, or even scrolling through TikTok for a few undisturbed minutes. Whatever it is, as long as it works for you, it works for us.


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