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An Astrologer’s Guide To Every Zodiac Sign’s 2021 Financial Success

Lindsay Tigar  |  March 31, 2021

What do the stars have in store for you? Your zodiac sign might set you up for some inherent financial success in the coming year.

As the daughter of an astrologist, I grew up thinking of myself as a “child of the stars.” Astrology was a constant in my mother’s life, which meant it was in mine, too. It wasn’t uncommon for her to ask about a potential boyfriend’s birthday, for example, or advise me to refrain from signing a contract on days when the universe seemed “off.” As a Virgo, I was skeptical, but I’ve grown to appreciate the tapestry of the sky above me over the years. Especially now, when everything feels so uncertain, reading your horoscope can be an inspiring moment in an otherwise dull day. And in terms of our finances, I’ve found that horoscopes can actually give us clues into our strengths and weaknesses, and even lead us toward financial success, especially when we’re willing to read between the lines and reflect a little bit on our motivations. 

Our natal chart and specific planetary placements can reveal tendencies, habits and growth points within our daily behavior, explains Sue Hunt, an astrologer, spiritual advisor, life coach and author. “Beyond our daily thoughts, feelings and perceptions, the natal chart can give us specific information on how we are individually suited to grow and share our own wealth,” she continues. “Money, how we make it, save it, spend it and circulate it reveals a great deal about our inner worlds. Each sign has its own unique path to success.”

Here’s a guide to what the stars have to say about your bottom line in 2021:


As astrologer and entrepreneur Kelsey Kennedy put it: No sign epitomizes the phrase ‘go big or go home’ quite like an Aries. This fire sign is ruled by ambition and independence, making you a go-getter and trailblazer in every aspect of life, including their earnings. In fact, Kennedy goes so far as to say Aries have the ability to make a ton of money very quickly this year. But their flaw is they can spend it just as fast as they bring it in. That’s why she recommends setting up two separate savings accounts — one for long-term savings, and one that’s more flexible. This will allow you to give into some of your impulsive desires without throwing your bigger financial goals out the window. Financial success is looking good for this zodiac sign. 


You may be the stubborn bull of the zodiac, but you’re also loving and grounded, making you a go-to resource for financial advice. (Ever noticed how often friends and family come to you with their money problems?) But as much as you may dish it out, Hunt says it’s essential to start asking questions this year, like: ‘Am I net positive and seeing returns on my time when supporting others?’ “With Uranus in Taurus for all of 2021, you might be feeling the itch for change around how you support others and your own personal financial success,” Hunt continues. Uranus’ energy is on your side to change up any personal stagnation around your work, job situation or financial pressures, Hunt explains. “It might feel slightly uncomfortable to make a change because Taurus energy can be very heavy and stagnant,” she says. “Gather your courage, honor yourself, and take the risk.”


If you’re a Gemini, you already know about your twin-like, dualistic nature. One day, you’re creating budget spreadsheets and being mindful about every last dollar you spend, and the next, you’re 100-percent focused on saying ‘yes’ to a travel credit card so you can jet-set off to Greece. As Kennedy explains, this is the extremist nature of a Gemini, and it can be equal-parts beneficial and detrimental to your financial success as this zodiac sign. “Their focus on finances can shift just as easily as their mood. This air sign is known to be a quick study and great communicator, so the ability to earn is always at their fingertips; they just need a little help reigning it in,” she explains. To combat your impulses, Kennedy recommends hiring a financial advisor or a money manager to guide you. 


This water sign is the most creative when it comes to long-term and carefully-crafted decisions, Hunt says. Since Cancers tend to achieve wealth, they are also more likely to share that success with causes they believe in, and leave the world a better place — proving this zodiac sign is different when it comes to financial success. “Your deep driving desire around money is to have it for safety reasons, but you also see the repair it can create in communities and environments,” she explains. However, your downfall with money will always be giving more than you actually have. To combat this, Hunt suggests having a weekly money date to go through your accounts and analyze where you’ve been giving too much to others in the form of donations, gifts, and so on. “Cancer energy needs to start somewhere in holding its own boundaries. These boundaries will keep your creativity flowing with abundance,” she says. 


The lion loves the spotlight, whether it’s performing in a theater or leading a cross-functional team meeting for a large organization. With a fiery, loveable personality, you’re a natural CEO who can ‘woo’ people. Kennedy says this makes you an innate salesperson since you can inspire anyone who comes your way. However, to tap into your full creative potential, you need the ability to roam free, making the entrepreneurial life a solid option. If you’ve been worried about leaping from a full-time job to starting your own thing, consider this the nudge you need to lay the groundwork. One easy way to get started stowing away your start-up capital is to set up automatic savings deposits each month, so you’re stowing away cash without having to cramp your style. “Don’t hold back—listen to your inner child and watch abundance flow to you,” she adds.


Focused, service-oriented and methodical, Hunt says Virgos are the universal organizers of people, places, things, ideas — and finances. Because of your level-headed approach that’s largely rooted in facts, not emotions, your friends may constantly ask for your advice when they’re starting companies or growing their wealth. However, Hunt says the problem is Virgo energy can become one-dimensional, and in the role of universal organizer, Virgos can get stuck in the role of mothering. In other words, doing too many things for too many people hinders your ability to learn something new and do it for yourself in future. “I know it’s scary to break out of this caretaker role because personal or professional relationships might find your newfound diversity triggering. But in the long run, you deeply desire that personal freedom, seeing as you are one of the more fluid earth signs,” she says. This year is encouraging you to allow some emotional desire to rise to the surface in your own financial pursuits. “Not everything needs to be organized or over-calculated, sometimes freedom, fluidity and trusting your heart’s desire is the shift you need on the path to financial growth,” she says.


If the astrological signs were all part of a circus, Libra would be up on the tightrope, comfortably balancing their weight and dazzling the crowd with focus and integrity — great qualities that contribute to financial success for this zodiac sign. Kennedy says you’re always in search of balance and harmony, from your home life to your bank accounts. This means you’re capable of allowing yourself to splurge when the time comes (hello, champagne and caviar!) but also super-smart about saving (hello, homeownership and retirement!). While you may be a solid money manager, Kennedy also says you may sometimes learn into indecisiveness if you feel a conflict arising. As an example, if one of your stocks loses a ton of money one week, you may be tempted to sell it, but in reality, you should stick with it and ride out the dips in the market. That’s why Kennedy says it could be helpful for a Libra to invest in a few different ways: Choose something safe with a slower return, as well as a more targeted, higher-risk opportunity. 


As a clever scorpion, you are mysteriously gifted at making money, generating interest and abundance. Hunt says this is partly due to the fact that you’re great at reading other people, and you can generally trust your gut feeling if specific opportunities and personal risks are worth it. “2021 is asking you to focus your resources and attention on your home life and intimate partnerships, but romantic and business-related,” she says. ”Investing time, money and love in your close relationships will show great returns this year.” While alone time is still important to you as a fire sign, Hunt urges Scorpios to remember being present for others is the path to financial (and personal) success this year for this zodiac sign. “This love bomb and presence for others will create net-positive actions in all areas of life,” she predicts.


There are many sides to a Sagittarian, but they almost always work together harmoniously. You’re not afraid of dreaming big and doing the work that it takes to reach your goals. Kennedy describes this sign as part visionary, part philosopher, part wanderer. It’s likely that you always have your sights set on the “next big thing,” and thanks to your innate ability to create money, you probably rake it in. However, your weakness is holding onto it. “Since this fire sign is the eternal seeker, they tend to spend on self-expansion and discovery, always trying to better themselves,” she says. And while spending on self-expansion can be a wonderful thing, those bigger life goals also beckon. To help you remain focused on the financial mile markers you’ve set for your life, Kennedy recommends setting aside a specific amount of money every month into an “intuition fund.” When you finally see that “next big thing” on the horizon, you’ll be so glad you did. 


The CEO of the zodiac, Capricorns are masters at plowing through obstacles, and excellent at managing teams and groups of people, Hunt says. You’re probably well-liked and respected at work, and many younger colleagues look to you for career guidance. Your peers also trust your ideas and feedback, making it easy for you to thrive in high-level positions. (And you love it there!) Also, you’re great at keeping your cool and remaining level-headed even in tricky personal or professional situations, Hunt says. But sometimes, you’re not so great at slowing down. “2021 is asking you to take immaculate care of your health, personal finances, diet and self-care regimens all year long,” Hunt continues. “Capricorn energy thrives at work, but this means you can often over-work and sacrifice your own health when dealing with professional demands.” So, even though you may actually like the grind, it’s important to remember to take time for yourself. Your health is imperative when it comes to meeting your personal and financial goals this year. 


Great news, Aquarius. This is your year! In fact, 2021 is full of Aquarian energy that’s fast-moving, intuitive, and putting power in your hands. Hunt says the Reddit vs. Wall Street happenings around GameStop are a prime example of what’s ahead in the months to come. “Keep your thumb on the pulse of change, stay informed and follow your innate intuition when it comes to growing, investing and sharing your wealth,” she continues. “Community structures are important to you, so get into some threads, chats or groups that can support your larger vision of meeting your personal and financial goals.” Because you’re a social sign, you tend to get overwhelmed or over-consume other’s opinions. Instead, choose a few people you trust for valuable intel — and don’t discount your gut. This zodiac sign is clearly in store for some financial success. 


You wear your heart on your sleeve, which can be a struggle, but your sensitive nature gives you the ability to tune in to others’ energy around you. Sometimes, when people are aggressive or intense, it wears you out, and you adopt a ‘tune-it-out’ mentality, according to Hunt. However, 2021 isn’t the year to do this since you need to be realistic around money matters. “Your dream relationships and abundance are here to meet you. But only if you talk to yourself sweetly, and learn a new skill set — being smart with your own resources and money,” Hunt says. In 2021, don’t bite off more than you can chew at once. Set time aside to really examine what you are bringing in and what is going out the door. “Make a small shift, spend less this year unless it’s on your own personal growth, education around money, or business investing,” she continues. “Set these goals in a methodical, manageable way.” 


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