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The Best Online Exercise Routines That Will Actually Inspire You To Get Off The Couch 

Christine Burke  |  June 8, 2020

Our favorite exercise apps, streaming services, and unique ways the women of the HerMoney community have found to get their sweat on during the coronavirus pandemic.

Let’s face it: pandemics are hard. And, in light of the seemingly never ending stream of scary statistics, financial woes, and being socially distanced from the exercise partners who have kept us accountable, finding ways to motivate and get moving isn’t easy. Thankfully, the women of the HerMoney private Facebook group have solutions that might just make you turn off Netflix and exercise your pandemic-weary body (but, don’t worry: you can reward yourself with salty snacks and wine when you finish, we won’t judge).

Here’s what they had to say about their favorite sources for exercise inspiration. 


Lindsey G.: “I have been doing workouts posted on Instagram from @briannamariefitness, @blondeponytail, and @abbydwellness. Most of their workouts are around 30 minutes and I get it done when my daughter is doing her online Zoom meeting with her elementary class and my toddler usually tries to join in with me.”

Candie H. “For keeping motivated no matter what the circumstances, I highly recommend this Instagram page: @ziggityboom. This mom-of-four shows how she’s prioritizing small improvements in fitness and diet while staying at home with her family and adding school-at-home to her day. I am most impressed that she may slip from her plan, but only for a day, and then she’s right back at it.”


Amanda N.: “I use the Nike apps. And I don’t force myself to move if I don’t want to. This AM, I did a 7 min workout and this afternoon I’ll go for a 1+ mile walk. Keeping it simple right now.”

Nichole G.: “I love working with Melissa Wood’s workouts. It’s a calming mix of low impact Yoga and Pilates with workouts from 10-40 minutes (which you feel immediately). She has an app that you can use which is awesome if you have a smart tv or Apple TV, and the monthly cost is only $10. Highly recommended!”

Ashley C.: “I started a couch to 5k app. I need a way to track progress and hold myself accountable otherwise I know I definitely won’t follow through. My friend who lives on the other side of the country is also doing it so we check in on it everyday!”

Carrera H.: “I picked up a couch to 10k app and quit worrying about running with people. I hate running, but I love to eat, so it’s about balance.” 

Christine B. (yes, that’s me!): “I’ve been using Peloton’s treadmill workout on their app. I don’t have a Peloton bike but you can pay for a monthly subscription to their app for the workouts. It’s $12.99/month and you have access to workouts for treadmill running, walking, strength training, yoga, and even the bike workouts. It really helps for those days when I can’t get outside for a run.”

Katy R.: “I have an app called Fiton that I like, it has all sorts of workouts from yoga to HIIT and most of them are 15-20 min long. You can set goals for yourself and post progress photos too if that’s something you’re interested in!”

Bridget J: “I use the Sworkit app. I love the community and the different programs and it is so versatile it helps keep things interesting and not too hard (yet).”

Kimberly G.: “I have a Beach Body on demand subscription. I use their workouts (it’s $100 annually). I don’t regularly use their nutritional supplements. Programs are anywhere from 3 weeks to 4 months. But it’s a habit to push play and do the next workout.” 


Erica B.: “I actually brought my live wellness studio, Power of 3 Wellness, online with live Zoom yoga classes and an online library of all sorts of fitness classes.”

Cr G.: “One of my instructors at my gym started a challenge. 74 workouts in 31 days. I’d never taken her class so I was intrigued. She zooms live 3 times a day with occasional guest instructors. She has amped up my 3 days a week to 5 and feeling great. Now to get that financial stamina back!”


Lisa J.: “I have been taking free yoga classes on YouTube with Yoga by Adriene. I love her calming presence.I have also kept myself motivated by making goals. Right now I am training for a virtual 10K race. I printed a free 10K training plan I found on-line. I will complete that this weekend and then decide whether to set a new goal to complete a 15K or 10 miler next. For motivation, I have been listening to podcasts by Rich Roll and David Goggins, two ultra marathoners. They are very inspiring people.”

Allison B.: “I’ve been an at-home exercising for a while! I use videos available on YouTube, my top three are: Jenny Ford of  Freedom Fitness, Karla Luster of Fit Outside the Box, and Step Sisters. And I love, love, love Erin Sampson on Five Parks Yoga

Diana B.: “It’s been so hard for me. It’s getting so hot here in Nevada to go outside. But I love Fitness Blender on YouTube and their home workouts! I know if I do their workouts 3 times a week, at least, I’m good! Stepping on the scale and seeing photos of myself keep me motivated.”

Janice B.: “I do yoga 1/2 hour a day. My yoga teacher downloads 4 new classes a week to YouTube until we can go back to live classes. I also like Laruga Glaser Yoga, and Yoga with Tim, both on YouTube.


Lindsay P.: “I’m currently renting a workout bike from my gym and doing a free trial of the Peloton app for cycling classes. I live in a 1 bedroom apartment so the bike is in the middle of my living room which means it’s constantly reminding me to work out.”

Dara L.: “Our small local CrossFit gym loaned out all of their equipment to members so we could stay in shape while the gym is closed. A brilliant business move by the owners to keep members during this time of uncertainty.”


Carolyn W.: “I use my Xbox 360 and I have active games such as bowling, track and field, football, tennis among others. I also have an aerobics one that I use.” 

Andrea F.: “Classical Stretch on DVD. She is also on streaming and some PBS stations.”


Grace A.: “We got a Peloton bike in March, and it turned out to be perfect timing. I always sort of wrote off in-home exercise equipment, figuring that I didn’t *need* equipment to work out at home, and if I wanted to do it, I’d just do it. I never did, and it turns out it actually does make a huge difference for me to have the equipment in the house!”


Fern WG.: “No apps, no internet, no tv needed to exercise. I bike ride 20 miles outside 5 days/week, walk 2 miles 2 days/week, and stretch/lift a little every day. I’m 65. What motivates me? Needing to be outdoors.” 

Jennifer A. R.: “I love jogging & using Under Armour (Map My Run) app to track my records.”

Nichol B.: “My husband and I have started walking when it’s warm enough, and walk 2 miles a day. This gets us outside, a break from the computer and a chance to relax and talk.”

Jen O.: “I’ve walked 4-5 miles or ridden my bike 20-50 miles…I’m on day 278 of closing all three Apple Watch rings so I’m a little obsessed.”

Verity O.: “An hour walk at sunrise every morning and Ekhart Yoga subscription which I highly recommend.”

Meghan B.: “I love walking 5 miles, 3-4 days a week. I use the FootPath app to plan routes and it gives turn by turn directions. I usually listen to an audiobook while walking, so hearing the next part of the story motivates me.”

Bree J.: “Camp Gladiator, it’s an outdoor boot camp and now hosts virtual live classes all over the country. I find it super convenient and super motivating because it’s live. I’ve taken classes with friends that live in other areas. The coaches are super motivating.” 

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