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11 Super Inspiring Financial Instagram Accounts to Follow

Lindsay Tigar  |  April 14, 2022

Fill your feed with some incredible financial wisdom from these clever—and super-smart—Instagrammers. Scrolling has never been so rewarding. 

Admit it: Instagram is the ultimate oh-so-handy time-waster when you know full well you should be doing something else. It’s the go-to app when we’re waiting in long lines, or whenever we want to peek in on the latest update in the lives of our favorite celebrities. Of course it can also serve as an inspiration-filled storyboard. Images of far-away places inspire our travel adventures, and a plethora of feel-good, motivational quotes inspire us in our daily lives. If lately you’ve been looking for a little more financial savvy in your feed, we’ve got you covered. 

@HerMoney, and our CEO, Jean Chatzky

Obviously, we’re a bit biased. But seriously — everything we write and create at HerMoney, we do it for you. We want all our readers, listeners and fans to live their best, most empowered financial lives, which is why our accounts are chock-full of inspiration, need-to-know facts, and step-by-step instructions for working through even the toughest financial problems. (In the coming weeks, you’ll be hearing more about our new book, “How to Money,” which we hope brings some extra special inspiration to you and the young women in your life!) 

@Clever Girl Finance 

Founded by Bola Sokunbi, it’s easy to see why this colorful Instagram account has attracted 257,000 (and counting!) followers. She shares a little bit of everything to perk up your day, from advice and funny quotes to IGTV videos that provide an insider look into this powerhouse’s life. Whether you’re a beginner to the financial spectrum or you’re an expert, this account will keep you (happily!) on track.


Raise your hand if you’re a fierce freelancing female! And now put that paw up if you aspire to be your own manager one day. If you fall into either of these categories—or you simply like feminist posts—this account will make you nod along in agreement daily. With 205,000 followers, Tia Meyer has created the world’s largest community of boss ladies. Everything on this page is all-too relatable—from tweets and memes to illustrations that focus on the struggle of working remotely, hustling and the importance of self-care.


The founder of, Grant Sabatier has collected an impressive following of 10,000 followers on Instagram. As the author of the New York Times best selling book, ‘Financial Freedom’ and the host of two podcasts — Financial Freedom and Millennial Money Minutes — he’s helping the next generation become more comfortable with all things money. On his account, you’ll find photos from his book tour, information on must-read blog posts that discuss taxes and entrepreneurism, among others. 


Founder of the blog by the same name, Erin Lowry has nailed the mic-drop via Instagram. Her posts are hilarious, relevant and will have every millennial who is battling student loan payments and building their career singing her praises. As she tours around the country promoting her latest book, more than 23,000 followers watch her every move.


If you’re an avid listener of podcasts, you probably know of the AARP’s hit series, The Girlfriend. Geared toward women, the tone is light-hearted and accessible, helping take away some of the anxiety some females feel toward managing their finances. You’ll find much of the same on their Instagram account, which has a following of 13,000. Expect motivational quotes, gorgeous illustrations, book recommendations and more,


You may know them from the Queer Money Podcast but these husbands have created a super-funny, super-wanderlust-y Instagram that we can’t stop drooling over. In addition to actionable tips surrounding budgets, taxes and other financial matters, they share photos of where their digital nomadic life takes them. One day it’s France, the next it’s Spain—and they explain how to do it all, without going into debt. (Hence their Insta name!) 


It’s one thing to manage your own finances to perfection. And it’s another to do it while supporting a family. What’s inspiring about Kumiko Love’s story is that she was once more than $77,000 in debt, and then worked her way out of it. Not only was she able to become debt-free but she eventually bought her home… in cash. Through her 473,000-followers strong Instagram account, she details her ongoing journey toward being financially secure and hopefully, retiring early.


If you’re among the millions of students who are still recovering from paying for college, you’ll relate wholeheartedly to this Instagrammer. After graduating from law school, she’s documenting her journey paying down debt by sharing the exact figures she forks over in payments and interest. She also shares advice on job searching, salary planning, monthly budgeting, and much more. To date, more than 14,000 are watching her progress. 


This lifestyle brand also has a popular blog and YouTube channel where they share daily advice across several topics. Though they are all loosely tied to finances, you can find wisdom about travel, cooking, developing your career and getting through college courses. We love their Instagram as an oasis of funny tweets and their latest must-reads, along with their other 470,000 followers.


If there’s one way to describe this Instagram, it’s this: they share the kind of posts you’ll want to print out and hang on your fridge. At the core of this brand is the goal to put “more money in readers pockets,” and they do this via super easy-to-follow budgeting, retiring and financial savvy advice. They also release a ‘word of the day’ to build everyone’s money-minded vocabulary. This all-purple (the color of wealth!) account has 174,000 followers — and only continues to grow (just like their fan’s wallets).


When you’re one of the only ones in your friend group to have a substantial amount of debt, it can feel like a lonely process. That’s why this Instagram account can become your go-to accountability partner, keeping you focused on getting through the payments as fast as possible. This teacher from the United States is currently living and working in China, and posts goal-oriented content that details exactly how she’s improving her financial picture. She also provides advice, memes and other inspiration to keep her 74,000 followers progressing alongside her. 


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