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30 Days To A Better Financial You: HerMoney’s 2021 Guide

Kathryn Tuggle  |  January 31, 2021

The New Year means it's time for a financial reset. Here's how to set yourself up to have your best financial year yet... In just 30 days. 

It’s time to focus on YOU, and how we can make this year your best financial year yet. Whether you’re getting started on Jan. 1, Sept. 4. or, heck, even Dec. 30th, the date on the calendar matters not. (Literally, zero percent.) It’s your resolve that does the trick, with a dash of education.

Since you’re here, you’ve clearly got the resolve to head toward your best financial year, and we’re about to take care of the education portion of the equation. Here’s a look at 30 days of some of HerMoney’s best philosophies and step-by-step instructions for rebooting your financial life in 2021. These stories were originally sent out as part of our 2021 “New Year, New You” campaign. You can sign up to join HerMoney’s weekly newsletter here, which is the best way to stay notified of our future programs.

Do rough times make it prime time to start a side hustle? Bringing in extra money certainly helps. Here’s how to ease into the extra work.

DAY 2: Those New Home Improvements You Made? You Need To Update Your Homeowners Insurance ASAP 

Your new kitchen is the bomb — but are your improvements covered by your homeowners insurance policy? Maybe not. Here’s what you need to know.

DAY 3: How To Ask For A Promotion Now — Yes, In The Middle Of A Pandemic

Did you work your tail off in 2020?  If so, it might be time to ask for a promotion for 2021. Here’s how to make it happen.

DAY 4: The 6 Best Credit Cards for 2021

Take a look at 2021’s top credit cards, based on the rewards you need most in today’s ‘new normal.’  

DAY 5: Could 2021 Be The Year You Start — And Stick To — A Budget?

Here’s the deal: Budgeting is easy to stick to as long as you match the right budgeting hack to your personality. We’ve got them all.

DAY 6: New Year, New Investments? If 2020 Taught Us Anything, Maybe Not

With Wall Street so clearly diverged from Main Street, what about your investments do you need to know now to save wisely for your future?

DAY 7: 2021’s New Rules Of Job Offer Negotiation

What to ask for in a new job negotiation and how to get it this year. Because you definitely deserve it.

DAY 8: I Want To Give Back More In 2021 — How Do I Do It? 

Many of us are looking for ways to do more with our money, to help more people, and do our part to change the world. Here’s how.

DAY 9: How To Get Your Finances Organized After A Rough Year

If you were laid off, lost income, took on more debt or started divorce proceedings, here’s how to move on and organize your finances in 2021. 

DAY 10: How To Get Back On Track With Your Retirement Planning In 2021

Four of the best ways to right your retirement ship in the New Year and make lasting changes you can be proud of.

DAY 11: Are You Covered? A Life Insurance Refresh For 2021

Do you need life insurance? How do you get enough? And what type is best: term, permanent or employer-sponsored? Here’s the lowdown.

DAY 12: 8 Ways To Stop Money Fights In Their Tracks

Arguing about money is a big reason couples call it quits, but fights over finances can be stopped in their tracks with these strategies.

DAY 13: I Depleted My Emergency Fund In 2020: Now What?

If you burned through your emergency stash this year, don’t panic. Here are 10 ways to build it back up starting now.

DAY 14: How to Speed Up Your Job Search and Make Yourself More Marketable

Facing income or job loss, or already out of work? Here’s how to make yourself more marketable so you’re ready when the market reopens.

DAY 15: Why You May Be Paying Too Much For Your Auto Insurance (And Covered For Too Little)

All the questions to ask and factors to consider when searching for new auto insurance … And why you want to switch insurers every year.

DAY 16: 5 Places To Tighten Your Budget For 2021 If Your Spending Habits Have Changed

2020 changed so much about how we spend and save. It’s time to tighten these five areas of your budget as we cruise on into a New Year. 

DAY 17: The 6 New Rules Of Online Shopping For 2021

Shopping online is just what we do now. But with that shift, the rules for finding sales and getting dealshave changed. Here’s how.

DAY 18: Refinancing 101: How To Secure 2021’s Best Rates — And Which Fees You’ll Pay

You’ve been thinking about refinancing since you first heard mortgage rates were at record lows. Here’s everything you need to get moving.

DAY 19: Earn More (Yes, Even During A Pandemic)

It’s true that some companies are hurting, but others are having their best years yet. Those are your opportunities to bump up your income.

DAY 20: 3 Bad Spending Habits To Kick To The Curb Once And For All

The time has come to start anew and to break the bad spending habits you’re carrying into the new year.

DAY 21: The Ultimate 2021 Checklist For First-Time Homebuyers

The real estate market is hot… but are you really ready to buy your first home? If this is the year, make sure you’re fully prepared with this checklist.

DAY 22: 7 Ways To Stop Money Stress Forever

If your financial stress level has hit an all-time high, we feel you. Here’s our favorite tips for kicking those money worries forever.

DAY 23: How To Crush Your 2021 Financial Goals— No Resolutions Required 

About 80% of resolutions will fail. But, newsflash: you don’t need ’em — even when working toward your best financial year. Here’s how to reach your financial goals in 2021.

DAY 24: Are You Sure Your 401(k) Allocations Are Right For 2021? 

Make sure your 401(k) is going to work for you in 2021. Consider this your gentle nudge to give it a look in the next few weeks.

DAY 25: The Best Tax Moves For 2021

Everything you need to do to set yourself up for success when you pay taxes this year, and moves to make now for next year based on 2021 tax changes.

DAY 26: How To Adjust Your Student Loan Repayment Plan For 2021

A look at what to do if you want to finally pay off your student loans, refinance your student loans, or apply for income-based repayment.

DAY 27: The Ultimate Debt Pay-Off Plan For 2021

We get it. Debt happens. Here’s your game plan for paying it down, and finally getting back on track with saving. 

DAY 28: 5 Ways To Improve Your Credit Score And Secure The Home Of Your Dreams 

Help! My credit isn’t good enough to lock down a low mortgage rate. What should I do to improve my credit score and how long will it take?

DAY 29: I’m Saving For Retirement And For Emergencies… But What About My Other Goals?

Sometimes we get so focused on our retirement nest egg that we can lose sight of all the other goals we need to start saving for.

DAY 30: How Every Woman Can Become An Investing Pro

Investing is the key to your financial future. Your money can start working for you today, if you follow these steps.

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