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Not your typical interview, for not your typical woman. Each episode of “Now I Know How She Does It” is like an interesting cocktail party conversation between two women leaders — only you get to listen in. It’s a show about power. It’s about a woman’s place in the world. It’s about economics with a small “e.” And it’s also a show about failure. Because even the world’s most successful women have had their fair share of stumbles, falls and do-overs. And they know it’s how you get back up again that matters most. Every guest is owning her space and her career in unique ways, and their dynamic conversations will shed light on what’s going on with the economy and the world. And because our host Karen Finerman looks at the world through an economic lens, our listeners will gain actionable takeaways for their personal economies. Karen’s insightful, funny and always smart conversations will help listeners become better leaders, better decision-makers, and gain a comprehensive understanding of what it means to live and work as a woman with power in 2023 and beyond. 

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