Good morning! You’re in a “Money Coma.” But you’ve found DailyWorth, so take that as a sign that it’s time to wake up, sunshine! Money is not just a source of anxiety or something you’re “bad at,” it’s also a source of choices and possibility in your life. You may have had the luxury of avoiding money before because you were told that or thought that it wasn’t your job, but that could one day cause big problems in your life — if it hasn’t already.

Now what?

How do you wake up when money feels like a burden or something you wish you could avoid? First, let go of the money-related guilt and shame you carry around mistakes you may have made in the past. Next, learn about your “Money Story” by following reading How We Stay in Denial About Money Issues or by listening to our podcast on How Your Money Story Holds You Back. We all have strong opinions about money in general and our personal relationship to money, though in some cases those opinions are based on old ideas that are holding you back.

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