Congratulations! It sounds like are thriving! You may be hard on yourself from time to time, thinking you should be earning more, saving more, or investing better. The truth is, you’re already better off than most, so feel good about that.

Now what?

Do you know your net worth?

One day when you get older, your income will go away, and you’ll see that what matters most is your net worth. Learn how to calculate how much you own minus how much you owe to see if it’s a positive number. Instead of only thinking about income, focus on how you’re building assets, like your retirement account, a home, or additional investment properties.

What may seem like investments can actually cost you thousands of dollars a year if they’re not properly structured, allocated, protected against shifts in the market, or optimized for taxes.

Make taxes less taxing.

When you’re thriving financially, your tax strategy can make the biggest difference in how much of your income you keep. Definitely find and hire the best accountant you can.

Should you hire a financial advisor?

It depends. Some people find advisors they love, while others feel manipulated or “sold” investment products they don’t understand. If you want to hire an advisor, learn how to find the right one for you and how they charge. Otherwise, you may be interested to learn about automated digital investing platforms called “robo-advisors.”

Save before you spend

When you’re buying any major item, like a vacation or a wardrobe upgrade, don’t spend directly from your income, but from savings. If you don’t have a lot of savings, focus on that first and foremost.

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