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Cheap And Easy Holiday Hacks: Wrapping Gifts For Less

Hattie Burgher  |  November 26, 2018

I’m not going to lie — I have a weakness for beautiful wrapping paper. I can’t help but stop and look through the bins of rolls that are strewn about department stores during the holidays.

But then I usually look at the price tag and that fuzzy feeling disappears. *A roll of paper is $10? What?* You’re already spending a lot of money on gifts, so why spend more on something that will get ripped to shreds and thrown away in a matter of seconds?

So put your elf hat on, because we are here to show you how you can wrap for less.

Pack with DIY paper

Everything you need to beautifully wrap a gift is probably already laying around your house. Newspapers? Paper grocery bags? Magazines? All of these can be used as a wrapping paper alternative. Pro tip: Use the comics section of the newspaper to really add some flare to your gifts.

Top it off

Get out those scissors! If you want to add a fun topper to your gift, cut out snowflakes or other merry shapes and weave ribbon or thread through the gaps on the snowflakes and tie around the presents. You can also venture to your backyard to pick up some pine or maple leaves, then tuck them behind some ribbon on top of the present to really “spruce” it up (pun intended).

For the foodies

Giving the gift of food? Repurpose tin cans or mason jars by filling them with peppermint bark, roasted nuts, cookies or whatever your holiday specialty is. You can really dress them up with festive-colored tissue paper or some Washi tape.

If you’re gifting a bottle of wine, I know how awkward it is to wrap. But a fun, cheap way to wrap wine is by dressing it in a sock. Go to your nearest dollar or big-box store and find a festive pack of socks to slip on your bottles — not only will your loved one get a nice bottle of wine, but they will also get a cozy pair of socks: Put the bottle in one and use the other to tie as a bow around the top. Voila!

Think outside the box

Similar to wrapping paper, the last thing you want to spend money on is a gift box that will end up being tossed, which is why you can use food packaging boxes that would also normally end up getting tossed, too. Cereal, brownie mix and granola bar boxes can be recycled to wrap things like clothing, books and jewelry.

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