Money 911

Answers to every money question I’ve ever been asked, and then some.

You have money questions. I know you do, because they pop up in my inbox throughout the day. And I answer many of them, on my website, in my columns or on TV. But that may still not be good enough, especially in these economic times, when many of your questions have likely become – or are on the verge of becoming – emergencies. So I came up with the idea for a book called Money 911.  It answers every question Iʼve ever been asked, and then some.

This book is a bit different from my others, in that it is intended to be a reference guide, and has been carefully indexed so you can flip to the section you need and absorb the information. Trying to decide whether to refinance your mortgage? Want to learn the best way to negotiate the price on that new television? Looking for life insurance? Youʼll find all you need to know to select the best policy for you.  All in all, there are answers to well over 300 questions, along with resources – other books, organizations, web sites and government agencies – that Iʼve carefully vetted, in case you need to learn even more.