Money Rules

90 straightforward, wealth-building rules to melt away your money woes.

A powerfully simple, must-have manifesto on money with more than 90 wealth-building rules. In a time of great financial uncertainty, this is the book everyone must read. The bottom line: Money is simple—people make it complicated.  I’ve distilled this simplicity into a smart, immediate, and entertaining set of rules that is changing readers’ financial lives.  I’ve been told it removes the stress associated with all things money and says it clearly: Readers who follow these basic yet crucial approaches to spending, saving, investing, increasing their income, and most importantly, protecting what they have, will build the wealth and financial stability theyʼve been dreaming of. The rules?  Well, they’re reassuring, straightforward, and often counterintuitive, including:

  • You can fix any financial mistake by saving more.
  • “More money” wonʼt always make you
    “more happy.”
  • To spend less, carry Benjamins, not Jacksons.
  • If you canʼt explain it, donʼt invest in it. 
  • Hope is not an investment strategy.