Not Your Parents’
Money Book

Because at some point, the piggy bank isn’t enough. This book was written based on what real kids said they wanted to know about money.

Knowing how to manage money is one of the most important life skills for adults — and even more important to pass on to our kids. Not Your Parentsʼ Money Book: Making, Spending, and Saving Your Own Money is intended to tackle that tricky topic.  It is for the next generation of our country’s spenders and savers, who need to know where money comes from, how they can earn it, and what they can do with it once it’s in their pocket.

This book is the product of a lot of research, done with the help of kids across the country.  I conducted a series of informal focus groups, asking middle-school kids what they already know about money and what they want to know — and then wrote the book to meet their needs. I hope youʼll read it, that your kids will read it, and then you’ll sit down and talk about what it all means.  It’ll be one of the most rewarding conversations you’ve had with your kids yet.