Pay It Down!

A simple plan to help eliminate your credit card debt and build up your savings.

For everyone who is struggling with debt (and those who want to avoid it), I wrote Pay it Down!, the Rx for getting out from under. It helped hundreds of thousands of readers, as well as the million people who participated in the Debt Diet on The Oprah Winfrey Show (based largely on the information in the book). In the last few years, as the economy twisted and turned, some of the rules of the road did too, and I updated the book for the times.

The fact is, whether you are trying to negotiate with your creditors, modify your mortgage, bring up your credit score or manage your student loans, you need different strategies than you needed a scant half-decade ago. And in this new version of Pay it Down!, I give them to you in straightforward, easy-to-understand terms. Follow my plan, and in three years, youʼll be credit card free. In five years, youʼll have substantial a safety net, so you donʼt have to reach for a credit card when the furnace blows or the dog gets sick. And in ten years, youʼll have a healthy nest egg for retirement.