The Ten Commandments of Financial Hapiness

Being happy with your financial life isn’t about how much you have. It’s about how you handle whatever you have.

What is it that makes people happy – financially speaking? In The Ten Commandments of Financial Happiness (which was published in hardcover as You Donʼt Have to Be Rich), I analyzed the results of a unique survey in which we questioned 1,500 Americans about their financial attitudes and behaviors.

The goal was twofold: I wanted to see how much money people actually do need to guarantee a happy, comfortable life. (Hint: Not as much as you think.) And I wanted to learn what happy people do – in terms of their behaviors – that unhappy people don’t.

What I learned, and share in The Ten Commandments, is while a certain amount of money buys comfort, money canʼt make you happy – at least not in the way most people believe it can. But it can make you miserable, if youʼre managing it wrong.

The book explains how to “own your money” to create a happy and comfortable life. Outlining the financial habits of happy people shows how anyone can be a part of this group, no matter what they earn. Using real life examples, The Ten Commandments of Financial Happiness reaffirms that finances donʼt have to be a source of stress and that living within your means can be extremely rewarding!