Upcoming sessions begin on October 3rd and November 3rd



Do you feel like you can’t save? Or feel like you’re cutting your budget too close to the bone each month? Or feel like your financial life is chaos when what you really want is clarity? If the answer to any of these is “Yes,” then you’re ready to begin FinanceFixx — a revolutionary eight-week finance coaching program developed by personal finance expert Jean Chatzky.


FinanceFixx is designed to get you in touch with your finances. You’ll be working with a trained finance coach as well as with a group of like-minded people also going through the FinanceFixx program. And Jean will personally join some of the sessions to give you her take on your financial situation. Together we’ll dig deep to define your money goals and motivations so you can understand the “why” behind your habits and change them. You’ll save more, spend less, and gain lifelong financial clarity that will help you increase your wealth and lower your stress for years to come. The total cost of the program is $395 for the 8-weeks. That’s about a $49 per week for bringing your money skills to the next level. For more information, check out


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