In over two decades of reporting on personal finance — talking to real people about their real money — our CEO and founder Jean Chatzky realized that contrary to public opinion when it comes to money, women are different. Maybe not in the investments we need to own, but in how we view money and want to use money to create change … in our own financial lives, the lives of the people we love and in the world. We’re also different in the way we want to communicate about it. It’s when we’re with other women that we’re inspired to change. HerMoney.com — with its daily content, newsletters and podcasts — is the result. We are your judgment-free zone for all things financial. And we are focused on changing our relationships with money… one woman at a time.


HerMoney is a digital media company focused on improving the relationships women have with money. Our mission is to level the playing field for financial security, confidence and power with content that is welcoming, thought-provoking, bold, unbiased and always smart. We deliver the curated information women need to manage our money so we can focus on our lives. HerMoney Media is the owner of HerMoney.com and the HerMoney Podcast. Please watch the video at the bottom of this page to see Jean’s welcome.


  • Providing you with quality, curated, lingo-free financial information and guidance.
  • Keeping you current about the goings-on in the world that affect your wallet.
  • Leveling the playing field for financial security, confidence and power.
  • Being inspiring, welcoming, stress-reducing, thought-provoking, bold (and more than occasionally sassy), cool, ahead of the trends and smart, smart, smart.


Yes, you’ve come to HerMoney — and the majority of the content you’ll find here is about women, it’s written by women, and it’s for women. But we know that many of you who have come through our digital front door may not be. No matter how you identify, we want you to know that we are so glad you found us, and we are here for you. At HerMoney, we strive to be an inclusive community for everyone, regardless of gender identity. But we wanted to take a moment and address all our readers — female, male, non-binary — and explain the important reasons why our content is gendered, and why we’re proud of our name. 

Women have long had an uphill battle when it comes to being financially empowered, which is why our mission focuses on elevating women, specifically, and leveling the playing field for financial confidence. One big issue we tackle at HerMoney is the gender wage gap. Right now, the average woman still earns just 81 cents on average for every dollar that a man earns. The gap is even bigger when you look specifically at women of color. Black women are paid just 63 cents for every dollar a white man earns, Latinas 55 cents, Native American women 60 cents. Asian women do slightly better, at 87 cents on the dollar, though the field is hardly even. And after they transition, Trans women see their incomes fall — yes, decrease — by up to a third. 

And although the gap is closing, the truth is, it just isn’t closing quickly enough. A study from the American Association of University Women says the gender wage gap isn’t on track to close until 2119. We cannot — and will not — accept a century-long wait for pay parity. Which is why HerMoney exists. To educate all genders on how to know what fair pay is, and how to ask for it. How to elect leaders who want to see the gap closed. How to use our voices to create change. How to talk to our friends and family about money, and so much more. 

We’re also here to ensure that women have the tools they need to invest for their futures. We know that women invest 40% less than men, which is a big, big problem. Women live longer than men — an average of 5 years — which means they have to make their dollars stretch further into retirement. But the gender wage gap means that women will have to save (and invest) a higher percentage of their salary just to achieve parity with men when it comes to retirement savings. 

But of course there’s more to this than just the numbers. Money means having choice. Money means having freedom. When you know how to budget, save, invest, and achieve your financial goals, you lose your fear of the future, and gain a sense of pride and confidence. This is what we want for all our readers and listeners of the HerMoney Podcast, no matter who you are. 

We’re so thankful you’re here, and we hope you’ll join us in our fight to close these gaps once and for all. We all have the power to speak up when we see injustice, elevate other’s voices when they need someone to join their chorus, and become part of the solution for our communities and the world. We believe everyone, regardless of gender identity, has the power to walk a successful financial journey as long as they have the tools. And that’s why we’re here.

Meet Jean

Jean Chatzky, CEO and co-founder of HerMoney, is the financial editor of NBC’s “Today” show, the best-selling author of 11 books, an award-winning magazine columnist and the host of the HerMoney podcast. She was also an English major in college. Through decades of reporting on personal finance, she learned that a) the jargon-filled speak of the financial industry was created (largely by men) to sell you stuff you don’t need, and b) if you eliminate the jargon there is absolutely no rocket science to money. She knows that a full, successful financial life is within every woman’s grasp — and with the HerMoney team, she’s on a mission to help you get it. Find her @JeanChatzky on Twitter.

Meet The Team

Kathryn Tuggle is HerMoney’s Chief Content Officer and Gracie Award-winning Editor-in-Chief. She’s co-author of the book “How To Money,” which debuts in 2022 from Macmillan. Kathryn also serves as the producer of the HerMoney podcast, where she co-hosts its popular Mailbag segment. Over the last 18 years, she’s led newsrooms and held editorial roles at Inc. Magazine, Fast Company, FoxBusiness, TheStreet, Advance Publications, and others. Kathryn loves thrift store shopping, flea markets, and scoring a good bargain on just about everything. In her free time, she’s actively involved with the Native American Journalists Association and enjoys teaching and practicing yoga. Find her on Twitter and Instagram @KathrynTuggle.

Javacia Harris Bowser is HerMoney’s Senior Contributor. She’s based in Birmingham, Alabama, and is the founder of See Jane Write, an award-winning website and community for women who write and blog. A proud graduate of the journalism programs at the University of Alabama and the University of California at Berkeley, Javacia has written for a number of local, regional, and national media outlets including USA Today, Heart & Soul, Hispanic Executive, Good Grit, Birmingham Magazine, The Birmingham Times, and many others. Javacia loves books, brunch, and Beyoncé, and if you feed her tacos, she’ll be your best friend forever. Find her on Twitter and Instagram @seejavaciawrite.