Katie Hendley

Katie Hendley is the Resident Sommelier at Sail Away Wine. Katie first fell in love with wine when she studied in Florence, Italy. She's been hooked ever since, and made it official with a diploma from the International Sommelier Guild and a Level 2 Certification from the Court of Master Sommeliers. Katie has worked as a wine director/sommelier in Seattle, Naples, Evergreen, Denver, and Lake Lotawana before moving to Kansas City. She likes long walks on the beach, eating delicious foods and drinking wine, and talking about delicious foods and wines. Katie also enjoys pursuing certifications and sharing what she’s learned with anyone who’ll listen. She is currently the Resident Sommelier at Sail Away Wine in North Kansas City and a member of the team at Affäre Restaurant in Kansas City. Learn more at www.sailawaywine.com.