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HerMoney Podcast: Student Loans, Roth IRAs, Investing for the Self-Employed (Bonus Mailbag No. 1)

Jean Chatzky  |  June 9, 2017

In this episode, we answer your questions on student loans, Roth IRAs, investing for the self-employed and married couples balancing contributions to 401(k) plans.

The HerMoney Mailbag is overflowing and we LOVE it. But we HATE only being able to get to a few questions in each episode. So, here’s something NEW: A Mailbag Bonus. In this episode, we answer your questions on borrowing money, Roth IRAs, investing for the self-employed, married couples balancing contributions to 401(k) plans, how to manage your spending when you’re planning to live until 99 years old (you, go!) and more. Please let us know what you think about this concept. If you like it, we’ll do more. xox, Jean and Kelly

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