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A Blossoming Comedy Career After 50 With Leanne Morgan

Haley Paskalides  |  January 1, 2024

Leanne Morgan always knew she was destined to make the world laugh. At 57, she’s now one of America’s most beloved comedians.

It seems that lately, more women than ever are changing careers and finding success in their careers after they turn fifty. While society likes to tell us that our careers (and our looks) have a shelf-life, more women than ever are proving that to be completely false. 

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Take comedian and actor Leanne Morgan. Her standup career started taking off when she was in her late 50s — 57 to be exact! She realized she had a knack for making women laugh when she had three kids at home and started selling jewelry to bring in some cash. “I was supposed to be talking about jewelry, and instead I was talking about breastfeeding and hemorrhoids and what I was going to cook, and women thought I was funny,” Morgan says, “We were having a good time, but I was also developing an act. I developed a shtick.” 

She knew she couldn’t take her act on the road until her children were older, but she made it work — she’d do midnight sets after she put them to bed, then wake up at 6 a.m. to do it all over again. Now, her Netflix special, “Leanne Morgan: I’m Every Woman,” is one of the top comedy specials on the platform — and women all over the country can’t wait for more. 

Morgan credits her tight-knit Southern family for her talent in being able to tell a great story that makes people laugh: “My childhood was full of a lot of sweet country, Southern grandmamas, aunts, great aunts, uncles. People sat around and talked a lot. I like to watch people and figure out what in the world makes them different, like what their socks look like.” 

Need to come home with a good story the next time you’re at a party? Morgan says the key is to slow down, observe the people around you, and think about the small, funny details that you’re most interested in. Later on, when you share those with whoever’s listening to your story, it will automatically help them feel like they were there with you — and laugh with you about it all! 


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