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Growing Your Career Beyond The Glass Ceiling with Elizabeth Pearson

Haley Paskalides  |  October 23, 2023

Career coach Elizabeth Pearson shares how we can feel more fulfilled when we reach the top and find success, no matter where our passions lie.

For the first time in history, women are now running more than 10% of Fortune 500 Companies. And while we can acknowledge that this progress is a wonderful thing, at HerMoney, we know we’ve still got 90% to go… Career coach Elizabeth Pearson agrees, and in her role, she often advises women who are looking to make the leap from COO to CEO, or from CMO to launching their own company. 

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Elizabeth Pearson has a unique approach — she says while you need to work your contacts on LinkedIn, you also need to trust in the universe to lead you in the right direction. As author of the book, “Career Confinement,” Pearson helps women in leadership positions take control of their careers and thrive in male-dominated fields. 

She knows what it’s like to feel stuck in a career that’s not fulfilling because she’s been there herself —  she spent years working her way up the ladder in corporate sales, but in the back of her mind she was always plotting her escape. “I liken it to a tigress being in a cage,” she says, “​​At some point that cage, even the big, cushy, large cage with the nice house in the suburbs and the two children and the perfect husband is still a cage.”

When she finally decided to leave her job, panic set in, but she created space for herself to think about her next steps — and how to get there. She turned to spiritual leaders like Deepak Chopra and Joe Dispenza as guides, but also to business leaders like Ray Dalio. She eventually created her own coaching program that melds spirituality with a career focus. One of the first things Elizabeth Pearson does for her clients is to acknowledge their pain and ask them: “Is this acceptable for your life?” 

“A lot of times, when you really hold that mirror close up to them, they will say, ‘Yes, you know what, this isn’t acceptable anymore.’ And then we start creating the path,” Pearson says. 

Pearson shares her best advice on banishing limiting beliefs, and how we can use spiritual practice and meditation to help us find fulfilling careers that are more aligned with our souls.

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