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Seven Working Women On Their Ideal In-Office Work Schedule 

Rebecca Cohen  |  August 31, 2020

What's does your ideal in-office work schedule look like in a post-pandemic world? Hint: Five days at the office isn't anyone's idea of a good time.

It’s finally that time. Slowly but surely, employees everywhere are setting their alarms a little earlier, are taking the time to commute, and yes, heading back to work in the office. But what if you had the ultimate power to choose what your ideal in-office work schedule would look like in a post-COVID world? We asked some members of the HerMoney Community (who are part of our private HerMoney Facebook group!) to weigh in. 

Work From Home All The Way 

Though not everyone was keen on the idea when stay-at-home orders took hold across the country in mid-March, plenty of women are loving the flexibility of working from home, specifically the ability to run errands or spend more time with their kids. 

Mary H. is “Working from home and loving it. When we first came home (March 13), I was not a fan,” she says. “I missed my friends at work and the old normal. But we’ve been able to do a few things around the house and  flex work schedules to make it 100% work for me. I meet with friends from work via Zoom. The commute and dress code are awesome. I end up working more, but I am loving it!” 

For Alice W., working from home isn’t anything new. “I have worked from home for many years,” she explains, “but now it is so much different. I would travel to meet with my prospects, but that is not possible. I take advantage of online meetings and have changed my strategy for this. I am actually more productive now without the time burden of travel. I anticipate that in the future this will be more of the norm as people get used to remote meetings.”

Melissa E. is currently working from home and hopes to continue for much longer. With her kids doing virtual school for the next year, it is easier for her to help them through their lessons at home than it would be if she had to bring them to the office with her and set them up to learn. 

Happy to Hybrid 

Many of these professional ladies are missing the social aspects of the office, but enjoy the perks of working from home. The majority of respondents said that their ideal in-office work schedule includes a hybrid model — with 2 days in the office and 3 days at home — going forward. 

Amber L. would like to work from home part time for a few reasons: it saves time, she gets to see her kids more, she isn’t paying to commute, and fewer commuters cuts down on environmental impact. But “I see value in interacting with my peers and collaborating,” she writes, “So, ideally a hybrid model long term would serve me well.”

Rachel I. says “The workforce has changed so much, I feel employees have more leverage to build a schedule that works for them. I’m (still) unemployed. Ideally, I’d like the option to work from home 1 or 2 days a week, especially during inclement weather. I’ll work anywhere, and I’m willing to come into the office once a week or month if needed. I like being in an office environment, and I’m fine WFH as well. Basically, I want an employer who trusts my judgment to get my work done, wherever I’m located.”

Kim S. has already started a hybrid schedule, with a couple days in the office and the rest of the week at home. “When I’m really busy (like this week) I prefer to work at home where I have peace and quiet and can focus to get stuff done,” she says. “I like having the flexibility because it allows me, a single person, to get other things done, too, like have the electrician come without having to take time off work.” 

Liz P. has been living the hybrid life for two years. She has the option to head into the office whenever she wants, but mainly works from home. “I miss time in the office and before COVID, I used to go in two or three times a month. I think a flexible hybrid schedule is a good approach. I go in when there are important meetings, and when I want to have lunch and catch up with coworkers, but otherwise I’m free to be at home where I am more productive,” she says. 

(Not so) Shockingly, no one said their ideal in-office work schedule included heading back into the office 5 days a week. Even I — who, had you asked me in April, would have told you that I hated working from home so much that I would never do it again post-pandemic — just finally got a desk in her bedroom to make the current situation more permanent (and enjoyable!).

And the question of whether we’ll return to the office remains up in the air for most of us, that is, until we get a vaccine. 


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