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Here’s What We’re Splurging On Once The Pandemic Ends 

Rebecca Cohen  |  March 30, 2021

Spoiler Alert: EVERYONE is traveling. 

Not only did savings rates absolutely skyrocket in the last year, but thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, Americans have paid off a collective $83 billion in debt. Yes, that’s billion, with a B. 

Despite these incredible figures and the amazing personal finance habits the pandemic has forced into place, we’re all ready for a bit of a splurge — a splurge on items we need, like home improvements, or wants, like travel — once the pandemic officially comes to a close. While we hope you don’t blow all of the money you saved in the last year in one place, we understand that a little retail (or vacation) therapy is well-deserved after being stuck at home and spending on virtually nothing for way too long. 

To get a little inspo — or to see some lights at the end of the tunnel — we asked the ladies of our HerMoney Private Facebook Group what they are hoping to splurge on once the doors to the real world are open again. Here’s what they had to say. 

Kas O. — who paid down an incredible amount of credit card debt, we are so proud — is splurging on things she needs: New flooring for her home or a new car. Courtney S., who saved more in the last year than she ever has (YAS!)  is doing the same, planning on replacing her roof and gutters. 

Elizabeth G. is capitalizing on home improvements — she’s finally doing the kitchen floor after 28 years of saying she was going to (we feel you, Elizabeth). And forget stopping with mere home improvements, Katie J. is buying a whole house! 

Nancy M., who has been carefully cultivating the perfect living room during the pandemic, is really ready to splurge on a sustainably made couch to finish the project, while Karen P. is taking it outside, with plans to redo the backyard. 

Jenine I. is splurging on a Financial Advisor to help her plan for her financial goals and retirement (*sheds tear*). What better way to spend your money than on someone to help you save your money? (And BTW, we don’t consider this a splurge, but we absolutely get that it’s an important investment!) 

Ronda G. is THRILLED to be contributing to her son’s wedding. Not all parents are that happy to shell out the big bucks for an affair, but after COVID’s many delays, we get it. 

Dana H., like us, is anxiously awaiting Broadway’s return. When the lights are back up, she’s splurging on show tickets. See you there, Dana. 

Sarah M.’s splurge is investing in herself — more specifically in her education. She’s paying a big tuition check when the pandemic is over because she went back to school. “2020 made me look hard at priorities, goals and where I want to be,” she says. 

Lynn T. is doing something similar — she’s planning to splurge on launching her own retirement education and coaching business for women. “I want a million women by 2030 to know more and have more,” she writes. We’ll be here cheering you on! 

Deborah P. and Joan S. both said they’re going to continue to do the responsible thing, and instead of splurging, they’re saving more, more, more! We wish we could be this strong. 

And, as you could have guessed, of 38 responses, 20 women say they are ready to splurge on travel. Whether that’s to visit family they haven’t seen in way too long, or to head to places they’ve yet to visit in this world, they’re getting on a plane and getting away ASAP. And honestly, same. 


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