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8 Money Moves to Claim Your Power and Prosperity

Rebecca Cohen  |  June 15, 2021

Are you ready to be fully in your power, now, tomorrow, and forever? It’s time to take hold of your financial freedom and claim what's rightfully yours.

After a year and a half of often tumultuous financial standings, it’s time to turn over a new leaf and fully take control of our money… Who’s with me? 

Jessica Weaver, CFP, CDFA, CFS says that this year she’s channeling her power and prospering when it comes to her finances, and she shared the top money moves you can start making now in order to achieve your goals. “By combining and layering these money moves, you are able to find your own path forward with money and to live with a calm and ease,” she says. 

So, why is this important, now? Because, as Weaver explains, when women are financially independent, they are more secure in making major life changes like career change, sabbatical, divorce, starting a business, or relocation. Additionally, “it provides you with opportunities to get educated, travel, get good health care, and to be free of financial worries so that you can focus on other areas of life. It is also very good for your mental health to have financial security,” explains therapist Dr. Barbara Greenberg

And a lot of it comes down to a simple mindset shift. We need to stop the never-ending stress of money, Weaver says. “Women spend most of the day focusing on the lack: what is still left to do today, to sell today, or to earn. The more we focus on lack, the more we are blocking abundance and gratitude,” she explains. When women make these moves, “they begin to feel better, more clear, more grateful, more confident.” All of this leads to not only knowing your worth, but valuing it more appropriately, AKA raising prices and saying no when appropriate. 

Here’s a look at 8 money moves you can make to claim that financial power and prosperity we know you’re already on your way to finding.

1. Create your own rights to live by 

Toss out the money rules you know, and recreate ones that work for YOU. “By giving your money structure, you find a new trust in money. You know how to optimize money, how to best utilize it to bring your life to the next level, which helps you trust money and, more importantly, trust yourself,” says Weaver.

2. Let go of ego 

Ego is your biggest enemy when it comes to claiming your power. We often let our egos control our money minds, which can lead to chasing the wrong version of success — luxury, mansions, expensive cars, high-end vacations, designer labels. This then leads to overspending, debt, and therefore, stress. Instead, identify your own version of success and work toward that.

3. Own your moment. 

If you show up for yourself, the world will show up for you, too. “When you receive an opportunity, take it, embrace the risk because you will always rise up to meet it,” says Weaver.

4. Live in your vibration of what makes you unique

Weaver remembers starting in the financial industry. She did what she was told and blended in with the crowds. Because of her experience, she encourages women to stand out, separate themselves from the herd, and utilize what makes you, you. “You become a contagious brand, you become a platform or voice for change,” she says. Oh, and the money almost always follows.

5. Trust the process 

“Everything is unfolding as it should, but we stress ourselves out over controlling the timing of it,” Weaver says. Instead of wasting energy stressing over the what-ifs, try to channel your trust in the fact that things take time — no matter what they are — and something will hit eventually.

6. Be grateful 

It’s okay to want more, but remember to be grateful for every step of the way. “So many women have feelings of guilt and greed when they want to earn more and save more,” says Weaver. Instead of feeling badly, appreciate what you do have. Those positive vibes will help you get to the next step.

7. Partner with someone who hears you

What’s better than women helping women? Successful women always have a pack of other successful ladies by their side. Weaver suggests finding people who have done what you want to do and what you are doing. Learn from them, connect with them, and support them. Having money mentors around you will help you grow in your journey to success.

8. Inspire others with action

“The biggest disconnect between manifesting and writing money goals is the inspired action that follows,” says Weaver. Instead of getting bogged down by the distractions of Zoom calls, day-to-day work, and the normal grind, focus on some actions that really ignite your passion. Do these few things, instead of doing everything. Success will follow. 

If you can achieve even one of these things, you are on your way to living “in complete peace and confidence with your work, with your money, and with your life,” says Weaver. Get to it!

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