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Buy a Coronavirus Mask And Support A Good Cause: HerMoney Has You Covered (Literally)

Christine Burke  |  April 8, 2020

The CDC now recommends wearing protective face gear during essential trips out of the house. Make a difference with your coronavirus mask purchase by shopping at these companies.

Late last week, the Centers for Disease Control issued guidelines for everyday Americans to begin wearing masks as a preventative measure against coronavirus. To be clear, this is not a call to load up on the N-95 masks professionals so desperately need. It’s also not an open invitation to start taking unnecessary trips out of the house. And, there’s no coronavirus mask on the planet that will replace hand washing so let’s all agree that we will wash our hands to the “A-B-C song” as much as possible, okay?

But, essential trips to grocery stores and pharmacies are unavoidable, and that means you should probably have a mask or two on hand to adhere to the additional suggestions by the CDC while maintaining proper social distancing measures. Why shouldn’t your coronavirus mask be cute — and, if possible, support a good cause? 

Here’s our roundup of mask makers to help you face the world if you absolutely must leave your home.

Masks that cover you and a someone else in need

Some big companies are shifting production to churn out professional-grade masks for essential workers. Other companies have stepped up to fill the supply for everyday consumers, too. Total bonus: The ones below are donating masks to healthcare workers with each purchase. 

  • HerMoney Facebook group member Tracy recommends Thimble Collection, which recently shifted from producing children’s clothing to making masks full time. Thimble employees are all moms and grandmothers who work at the company because it allows them to be at home with their kids, provide childcare for their grandchildren and build financial flexibility for themselves and their families. Each mask set purchase includes a donation of two masks to an organization or individual in need.
  • For every mask sold, Electric Styles, will donate a surgical mask to a hospital in need. 
  • Groceries Apparel , based in Los Angeles, will donate 10 masks for every pack of 3 masks sold.
  • B U R U is donating profits from mask sales to the Los Angeles Unified School District’s meal program. 
  • For every two masks purchased, Noliyoga will donate one mask.
  • Using hashtag #SanctuaryGivesBack, Sanctuary Clothing will donate unisex masks to organizations in need.

(Head to our private Facebook group for more great HerMoney group member coronavirus mask suggestions!) 

Mask Style + Safety

  • HerMoney Facebook group member Deborah tells us that this Etsy store is owned by a theater costumer and group member Nora says she’s purchased these masks from “a local costumer who has pivoted to making masks for income.”
  • Aloha Glamour has gorgeous African inspired mask designs.
  • Masks from Citrus Designs on Etsy have instantly become a HerMoney staff favorite. Our editor’s husband looked so handsome in his mustache-print mask that I bought one for my husband, too.
  • Talented costume designers have gotten into mask making. HerMoney Facebook group member Deborah tells us that this Etsy store is owned by a theater costume designer. 
  • Another group member, Nora, says she’s purchased these masks from “a local costumer who has pivoted to making masks for income.” 
  • Rothy’s, maker of everyone’s favorite go-to environmentally friendly flat, announced that they have developed a washable, durable, knit-to-shape face mask that will be available soon.” Rothy’s says it is dedicating one-third of its factory to mask production.
  •  Union Stitch and Design is an apron company based in Denver now making coronavirus masks out of its apron fabrics.

DIY coronavirus masks

If you have sewing skills and time on your hands, the CDC also offers suggestions on how to channel your inner MacGyver and make your own coronavirus mask.

The mask should fit snugly on your face, have ties or earloops, include multiple layers of fabric, not restrict breathing, and be made of fabric that can be laundered after each use. Prior to donning your DIY mask, it’s imperative that you wash your hands thoroughly and not touch your eyes or exposed face once you have your mask secured.

This YouTube video from Headcovers.com is a great resource if you have a large bandana and a few hair ties laying around. With simple, easy to follow instructions, you can make a functional coronavirus mask in minutes. 

We’d like to give a huge HerMoney hug and high five to the thousands of you who have taken the time to selflessly donate supplies and create sewing groups devoted to making masks for our healthcare workers. Your efforts make you true national treasures and we are here for it, 100%. (Please consider supporting the local crafters in your area so they can keep doing their necessary work.)

Finally: As with any purchase, make sure to check the materials, shipping times, and availability before ordering. And, remember: A face mask, no matter how cute, comfortable, and charitable, is no substitute for doing your social distancing duty of staying home to protect your community.

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