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Your Best Month To Buy a Home, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Rebecca Cohen  |  February 24, 2021

Wondering when's the best time for you to buy a home? Your star sign could predict your luckiest month to become a homebuyer.

If you’re someone who lives life according to their daily horoscope, or attributes personality traits to how the planets are aligned, boy do we have some news for you when it comes to buying a home. 

In October, we broke the news on what your zodiac sign tells you about your money habits. But we’re about to take it one step further. That’s right — your zodiac sign can actually predict in which month you might have the most luck buying a new house, and what your star sign says about you as a homebuyer. Star signs can reveal a lot about you, from your personality, to your likes and dislikes, and even your behavioral patterns. Those traits might translate into behaviors around the homebuying process that can help to speed up or slow down your experience depending on the time of year. 

Bankrate partnered with Astrologist Sally Kirkman, who analyzed 2,000 homebuyers in the UK to see how they each approached homebuying. Once their journeys into homeownership were complete, the team analyzed the results to see if their star signs impacted their closings on new homes. Here’s what they found. 

Best month to buy: July
You’re impulsive, and will rush to beat out other buyers to close on your dream home, thanks to your competitive nature. You are also not there to look around. If a house fits the bill, you’re all in, right away. You want it done, and you want it done now. Do it to it. 

Best month to buy: August
As a homebuyer, you engage your head and your heart. You want a home that feels right, but you also want a practical place that will work for you and your needs. You are willing to shell out a little more cash for the perfect find, and you’re willing to take the time to really look around before deciding on something just right. 

Best month to buy: September
As a Gemini, there’s nothing you can’t do when it comes to homebuying. You’re optimistic and know what you want, but won’t let yourself get down if the place you choose goes to another buyer. You love to work fast and get your hands dirty with the nitty gritty details, which makes you an active part of buying a new home. 

Best month to buy: October
Your heart will be in the driver’s seat when picking a home. You’re more likely to choose a house based on how it makes you feel and the future you can imagine having there rather than the size or the specs. Once you find “the one,” you will do anything in your power to make sure it’s yours. 

Best month to buy: November
Your true Leo dominance is going to shine through when you are house hunting. You’re likely to take the lead when shopping with a partner and your single-mindedness will cause you to get to your goals, no matter what it takes. Though normally impulsive, that will take a back seat and err on the side of caution when it comes to finances in homebuying. 

Best month to buy: December
If you’re a Virgo, you’re likely to stick with what you know. That means staying close to family and close to your chosen (and familiar) location. You will spend a lot of time doing research before biting the bullet on a new home, thanks to your astute attention to detail. You won’t buy until you know for sure that your home is a worthy investment, one that is backed by the facts and numbers. 

Best month to buy: January
Libras: You might be the *worst* star sign to house hunt with. (Sorry!) This is because you’re overly pragmatic and won’t compromise on anything. Your house has to check every box on your list. But, once you do land on that dream home, your charm and wit will likely help you secure it for lower than asking price. Patience is a virtue for you, Libras. 

Best month to buy: February
Your money senses are strong, which will help you sniff out the best deals on the market and will lead you to the best times to buy. You won’t overspend, and you’re definitely not afraid to play some money mind-games to get your home for exactly what it’s worth. 

Best month to buy: March
Your risk-taker is showing. You’re not afraid to go out on a limb when buying a house, and your confidence will help you back those risks. You are, though, most likely to go over budget when you find the house you want. Be aware of this, and don’t be afraid to turn down a property that is way out of your budget even if it feels right. There will be something else out there. 

Best month to buy: April
You’re all head in this case. You’ve planned for the perfect house and have a singular goal in mind. When it comes to pricing, you’re practical, and likely to make smart money decisions. Since you’re more likely a saver than a spender, you probably have a decent chunk to spend on your new property. 

Best month to buy: May
As an Aquarius, you’re either very serious and organized, using your head to make every decision, or you’re easygoing and eccentric, willing to be spontaneous when it comes to buying a home. No matter what, though, you’ll be level headed when it comes to financial decisions. 

Best month to buy: June
Your inherent caution will take charge here, and you will likely view multiple properties before making a choice on a home. As for the finances of it all, you’re not great with facts and figures, but you have a belief that life will provide for you. Be sure to get some good financial advice before going through with any purchase. 

Money management advice that applies, no matter what Zodiac sign you are:

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