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Bonus Mailbag #30: Your IRA Questions, Answered 

Kathryn Tuggle  |  September 30, 2021


Here at the HerMoney HQ, we’re always thrilled when we can bring on a guest and say that they are “back by popular demand!” and that’s exactly the case for Ed Slott, CPA and author of the book: The New Retirement Savings Time Bomb. (You all may have heard him on our recent episodes, Episode 265: IRAs: Everything You Need To Know, and on Bonus Mailbag 26: The Ultimate Guide To IRAs.) 

After those episodes, you wrote in with more incredible questions, and we wanted to tackle them all, with Ed’s expert help. 

Listen in as we dive into listener questions on whether you can be “too IRA focused,” what the truth about backdoor Roths really is, and whether or not you need a “Super Roth.” We also talk about saving in a SEP IRA when you have a full-time job as well as a side gig, and rolling a 401(k) into an IRA. 

If you have questions for an upcoming episode, please write to us at, and we will pick your question right up for Jean to tackle. 


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