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Protecting Women’s Healthcare With Kate Ryder

Haley Paskalides  |  April 22, 2024

Kate Ryder shares how Maven Clinic is helping women access the healthcare they need at all stages of their lives.

Women’s ability to access high-quality, affordable, healthcare is a huge issue. From conception to asking questions about IVF and egg freezing, to our peri and postmenopausal life stages, we need easy access to specialized care for a lifetime. That’s exactly why Kate Ryder created Maven Clinic, a comprehensive 24/7 virtual platform that offers support and referrals related to fertility and family planning, pregnancy, postpartum health, adoption, surrogacy, parenting, and menopause. 

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After seeing what her friends went through when they started trying to have children — and later when they needed care for their little ones — Kate Ryder realized that there was little support outside of parental leave, which left new parents to navigate an intense, complex period on their own. 

“I was sitting inside a venture capital firm in London looking at a bunch of early-stage digital health businesses, and what really seemed to be missing is the fact that the healthcare industry is so fundamentally dominated by the female consumer,” Ryder says. “So I thought there’s no problem I care more about than creating a better system of health care and better access than in women’s and family health because not only does it affect me, but it’s the bedrock of our entire society and the entire healthcare system.”

Ryder also noticed that the landscape was particularly challenging for first-time mothers. A survey from Mom’s First found that one in three moms considered leaving their jobs after having kids and three out of four said they felt that their workplaces could be doing more to support working parents with young children. “Pregnancy and all the needs there don’t stop when the baby’s born. There’s postpartum and then there’s transitioning back into the workforce,” Ryder says. “That is fundamentally a huge area where there’s a major lack of support, that’s pushing women to leave and they’re having to make trade-offs that they don’t necessarily want to have to make.”

Ryder shares how Maven Clinic partners with companies such as Amazon and Sofi to provide women with access to the healthcare they need at every stage of their lives, from pre-conception to post-menopause. 


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